Takahashi Ai – “Jishin Motte, Yume Motte, Tobidatsu Kara” Radio Preview Released

18 08 2011

A full radio preview for Takahashi Ai’s solo song that will be the B-side of the Regular Special Edition of their 47th single titled Jishin Motte, Yume Motte, Tobidatsu Kara.

When I heard the song, It was actually the first time that I feel that nothing is missing in the rythm or so since the song just fluently went by minute by minute and I was enjoying every single second of it thanks to the very special instrumental and Ai-chan’s lovely voice.

The song is really nothing like I expected it to be since most of us though it would be a ballad because of the title meaning something along the lines of I take off while being confident and having dreams, but I’m pleasantly happy to hear an upbeat sound through the beginning, end and chorus of the song with an equally energetic sound in the verses, and the different additions in the lyrics such as the english words (that I can’t figure out yet) and the full title being said by Ai really make it even more special.

The instrumental isn’t that special but weirdly enough, I find it to be more attractive than some of the very complicated instrumental some songs have, and I’m pretty amazed by how well this song seems to fit Ai-chan’s voice and by the amazing arrangement made for an overall very positive and happy feeling while listening to it.

It’s really hard to describe this song since all that I was feeling was happiness and joy while listening to it for a weird and unexplained reason, so hopefully everyone can give it a listen and enjoy this amazing song!

Overall, I’m impressed by how awesome such a simple song with soft lyrics and an upbeat instrumental sounds, so hopefully we can get a preview of the PV for this song soon.

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy of this special Regular Edition to support Ai-chan for this memorable single coupling with a memorable solo song of hers and just enjoy it’s greateness.

The release date is set for 9/14.

Video uploaded by: minyook86

Audio ripped by: Amped




19 responses

18 08 2011

I pre-ordered all versions and love all of the songs. Wonderful

18 08 2011

I’m glad I pre-ordered this. And I really hope it will top the oricon ^^

18 08 2011

A very good song :). Due to a lack of money I had to choose between the two versions and I’m now happy that I chose this version :).

18 08 2011

I’m so glad I pre-ordered this version!
Ai-chan sounds amazing and this song overall is an epic win!~
<3 <3

18 08 2011

I love this song! I wonder if this will be her graduation song? Instead of something like Furusato or Never Forget. This would be a good one for Ai. Original, new, unique! Good for her 10 years in Momusu <3

18 08 2011
Taufik Sukmawan (@taufik87)

somehow, I think some part is like Perfume single “Love the wolrld”, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykt-e6xPtZU especially on the reff part.
But nonetheless I hope this single will be charting no 1 since it’s Ai last single.

19 08 2011

Unfortunately EXILE are going to release their next single the same day, so it’ll be a tough competition.

18 08 2011

I think she’s saying, “Sing Tonight”

19 08 2011

I heard “Sad Tonight” instead of it, but maybe you are right XD

19 08 2011

I first heard “Send your love” since they usually say “love” as “laa” xD
Then I heard the “tonight” bit xD

18 08 2011

Why is Ai leaving, why can’t she just be going solo

19 08 2011

Ai cahaaaaaaaaan……. <3 jangan pergi T_T

19 08 2011

I know that it probably won’t happen but surely there should be a PV for ai-chan’s solo song, even if it is a B side

19 08 2011

There actually is one and it will be included in the Single V of the single as well as the Limited Edition of their 12th album :D

19 08 2011

thats awesome :D

19 08 2011

I didn’t hear it and it isn’t in youtube anymore. ):

19 08 2011

As soon as we find another preview we will update ^_^

20 08 2011
21 08 2011

Thank you very much! ^o^
I just updated the post.

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