New C-ute Profile Pictures For “Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”

18 08 2011

C-ute’s official website has been updated with profile pictures for their 17th single titled Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko.

We already got to see the group profile picture being released a little while back, and I’m glad to see that we finally get the individual profile pictures before the single’s release since it allows all fans to check out the girls and the cover outfits a little more, and I have to say that I’m amazed by their simplicity and how they make the girls stand out.

Since all of them have similar white outfits consiting of a top and shorts, I’m going to focus more on the little details that add to each girl’s outfit and overall look such as the hairstyle, accessories, differences in cuts, etc…

Maimi’s outfit seems to have a touch of blue in it since her long top is from a pale blue that’s assorted to the bottom of her short, alongside white banded sandals that go up to her ankles, and it seems to suit her perfectly since this way, we can focus more on her cute facial expression and her pose in both pictures where she looks really amazing thanks to her now longer hair, her angelic expression and her beautiful smile.

Nakky is really amazing in both pictures since she seems to have opted for the “shy look” through her poses by holding one hand next to her back in the close-up picture and crossing her legs cutely in the full-body shot, and I have to say that she looks really beautiful in this and her outfit made of a long fluid top alongside some pale blue shorts and more open sandals than Maimi make her stand out and makes us focus on her poses and smile.

Airi, as usual, is looking really gorgeous in her outfit since it seems like they focused more on showing her long legs thanks to a high-waisted designed short and a lower white top, and she really does an incredible job in both pictures showing us her cute side in the first and her playful side while smiling in the second.

Chisato is the one standing out the most for me, mostly thanks to her hair color and her more complicated hairstyle compared to the other member’s loose hairstyles, and she really seems to be enjoying herself since she’s smiling widely in both pics, looking extremely cute in the close-up, and her pose in the second picture seems really careless and happy. Her overall outfit is much simpler than the others and she’s the only one wearing compensated heels.

Maimai seems to have regained her role of baby of the group thanks to her hairstyle mostly and her outfit which is the only one containing a soft pink shade in it, and while I really like how the pigtails look on her, I like a little less her outfit since she looks kind of awkward in it in the full-body shot, but nonetheless, I like how they gave her a unique look while staying in the overall simple and pure theme all of the girls have.

Overall, I really am amazed by how well the simplicity of these outfits make each girl shine since it’s a total clash with the colorful outfits used in the PV, so hopefully everyone can reserve a copy of the single soon!

The release date is set for 9/7.

C-ute’s official website



6 responses

18 08 2011

you write maimi for mai :s

18 08 2011

Oops I meant writing Maimai xD
It’s fixed, thanks for telling me! ^^

18 08 2011

Thanks for writing what differences there were, I coulnd’t see anything because the background was white, they should have used another color for the backgrounds.

18 08 2011

You’re welcome ^_^ It is kind of disturbing but looking deeply at the members, we can tell apart the slight differences.

18 08 2011

I don’t think maimai looks awkward at all!!! I think she stood out the most to me!

19 08 2011

maimai looks alot younger with the pigtails

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