Morning Musume’s 12th Album Title Changed To “12, Smart”

18 08 2011

Morning Musume’s upcoming 12th album has been revealed to be titled 12, Smart instead of the previous statement of (12) Kakusan Kibou.

When I first saw the change, I was really surprised since H!P don’t usually change titles for singles, DVDs or albums, so I started wondering what might have caused this sudden change that’s still unexplained, but after thinking it throught, and even though I liked the first one better thanks to the pun it contained, I’m sure that we will sooner or later get an explanation of why the title was changed into this.

The title is all in english, so there is nothing special to figure out and it’s kind of vague since I can’t seem to connect the word Smart to anything within Morning Musume, and I’m kind of sad to see that they changed the title that was all about hope to this almost meaningless title (for now), so hopefully we can find out what the purpose for this change really is.

Overall, there isn’t really much to say apart from the fact that I’m still confused by why the change was made, but overall the title is still really catchy so hopefully we’ll find out what it means maybe with the tracklist.

The release date is set for 10/12.

Neowing official page about product

SonyMusicShop official  page about product




3 responses

18 08 2011

But I liked the old title. :(
Oh well, the songs are what counts, and thinking about the good quality of the upcoming single I think this is going to be awesome! :D

19 08 2011

I agree, old title was better. But this kinda reminds me of Sexy 8 beat :) Maybe when they lost Eri they want to change their image from sexy to smart. ‘Course with Risa as leader they could easily pull of both ^^

19 08 2011

Hmm..I quite agree.. Even their profile picture for the upcoming single seems to say more “smart” than “sexy” if you read the emotions :)

NB! Sorry about my messy English :S

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