Alo Hello! Morning Musume 2011 PB Preview Released

18 08 2011

A preview for Morning Musume’s PB titled Alo Hello! Morning Musume 2011 has been released.

Many of you can probably tell that this photobook is based off of their recent FC tour in Hawaii since their outfits really give it away and if that wasn’t enough the tropical-paradise background is another hint.

It was expected that they would be wearing bikinis or something resembling swim attire since all of their Alo Hello! have been that way but a nice touch they added with their outfits here is everyone has a flower as an accessory. The flowers look beautiful on all the members and fit the Hawaiian theme as well. I also wanted to mention that their swim attire as well as slippers are all in their member colors, except for Zukki’s. Her swim wear is green however her slipper is orange. I find it a bit strange that everyone matches except for her but regardless of that she looks cute on the cover.

Another thing I wanted to mention is the title doesn’t appear anywhere on the cover. The release date isn’t until September so there is time to change it but for some reason the cover as it is now feels sort of plain without the title. There’s a spot at the top and at the bottom to add the title and neither of the spaces will be obstructing the members or the beautiful scenery so I’m hoping they’ll make that small change. In the end though it’s just the title and it’s pretty obvious what this is so it’s not a real big deal.

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy of this since it’s a great way to support Ai-chan and 9th gen since this is Ai’s last FC tour in Hawaii and this is 9th gen’s first.

The release date is currently set for 9/28.

Amazon Japan Page



4 responses

18 08 2011

Must get this.

18 08 2011

Maybe it’s not the cover but just a preview.

18 08 2011

You’re right, it’s most likely a preview since Amazon Japan is the only site with that image ^_^;;;
I just corrected it, thank you ^o^

18 08 2011

This probably isn’t the cover since there’s no title or any other mention that could tell so but I love how all of the girls look! ♥ Fuku-chan looks gorgeous ^^

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