Takahashi Ai’s 6th Solo DVD Titled “Love Love Love”

17 08 2011

The title for Takahashi Ai’s 6th solo DVD has been revealed to be Love Love Love.

PBs and DVDs usually have similar titles that relate in some way, and it’s interesting to see that they decided to name the DVD release for Ai-chan’s Ai Ai Ai PB as Love Love Love since it seems like a very simple but cute title that does its job of relating the two releases by having the same title in Japanese and English.

The title isn’t as memorable as the PB since it had a slight pun (as Leigh and Ney pointed out in the comments for that post the title could mean “I Love Ai”) but it’s short and to the point and makes it easy to remember, and since this will be her last release as a Momusu member it’s nice to see that they decided to change the theme a bit by having titles that basically mirror each other.

No covers for the DVD or PB have been released but it’s already mid-August so it’s just a matter of time until we do since the release is coming up, and while there haven’t been any previews so far I am really looking forward to finding out what kind of themes and outfits we can expect to see.

Hopefully everyone already has their copy reserved since this will be a must have for any Ai-chan fan.

The release date is set for 9/21.

Official H!P Page For Ai-chan’s 6th DVD



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