S/mileage And DJ ROCKETMAN Collaboration Announced

17 08 2011

S/mileage are set to collaborate with a DJ named DJ ROCKETMAN to release a remix of “Uchouten LOVE” titled Uchouten LOVE ~rocketman mix~ and another one of “Shortcut” available to download on iTunes and Recochoku.

Along with this announcement, S/mileage are set to attend the festival held by this DJ titled ROCKETMAN SUMMER FES’2011 Thank you for the music!!, most probably to promote the remixed songs.

I have to say that I am pretty surprised to see that they will be releasing 2 remixes with this DJ since Shortcut isn’t one of their most recent or best selling singles, but after thinking it through, it may be to boost sales for their latest single that is already their highest-selling single and to just proove themselves through a second song that is Shortcut.

Even though there was no mention about which member will be participating in the event, It’s probably just the 4 main members since they are the ones who were present for both singles, and I’m really excited to hear what kind of sound the songs will have since I expect a lot from Shortcut that will hopefully be more pleasant for fans through the remix; and even though I don’t now how they will manage to remix Uchouten LOVE which already has a very upbeat sound and many electro and eurobeat sounds, I’m still impatientely waiting for the result.

Overall, I’m really impressed by everything that has been pulled through to make Uchouten LOVE an amazing single through promotion, and I’m happy to see that fans will get a chance to listen to this song and to Shortcut in a remixed version.

Hopefully this collaboration will help boost the single’s sales a little more and hopefully S/mileage will be able to gain more fans through the event of the DJ and proove themselves as a persistant idol group that they have always been.

The songs will be available for download on iTunes and Recochoku on 8/18 and the event will take place on 8/21.

H!P official page about announcement

Oricon official article about announcement

Barks official article about announcement

Uchouten LOVE ~rocketman mix~ iTunes link

Shortcut (Remix) iTunes link

EDIT: The songs are now available worldwide





* Tomorrow, the new sub members of S/mileage will be on their weekly Ustream show so make sure to tune in if you want to watch it!

It’ll be broadcasted tomorrow 8/18 at 8PM (JST) and you can click here to see what time it’ll be in your timezone.

S/mileage’s Ustream page



7 responses

17 08 2011

S/mileage remixes always sound good, hope they pop up on the international iTunes stores soon.

Will be tuning in to their Ustream as usual. Should be quite interesting.

17 08 2011

Want these remixes oh gosh. *waits for a release to the US iTunes*

17 08 2011

They are now available on the US iTunes ^_^

Uchouten Love ~rocketman mix~

Short cut (remix)

18 08 2011

Thank you~~~

17 08 2011

Shortcut was my favorite single, so I can’t wait to hear the remix!

Oh gosh. The Ustream will be at 6 am my time. x.x Think someone will record it for us?

18 08 2011

Someone always records it.

18 08 2011

I liked the ShortCut remix, and I’ve bought the Yume Miru 15 and Onaji Jikyuu remixes, so I’ll probably buy ShortCut too. :D (I didn’t like the Ganabara… remix) I was wondering when they were going to release new remixes, if at all. I wonder why they skipped doing the Koi ni Booing Buu remix?
I want to buy the Uchouten LOVE one too, but the preview was just that one line from Yuuka the entire time, repeated… Maybe I’ll wait to hear a longer preview on YouTube for that one.

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