H!P Releases August 17

17 08 2011

Today’s focus is on anything but singles or albums, with a blu-ray, two DVDs, and a PB.

Today’s releases include:

  • Morning Musume – Concert Tour 2011 Spring New Genesis Fantasy DX ~Welcome 9th Generation Members (Blu-ray)
  • Berryz Koubou – Single V Clips 5 (DVD)
  • Kikkawa Yuu – YOU (PB)
  • Kikkawa Yuu – YOU!~ the DVD~ (DVD)

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Morning Musume – Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Spring New Genesis Fantasy DX ~Welcome 9th Generation Members~ (Blu-ray)

2. Maji desu ka Ska!
3. Fantasy ga Hajimaru
Opening VTR
4. The Manpower
5. Onna Gokoro to Nanto Yara (without 9th gen)
6. Ichi Kara Juu Made Aishite Hoshii (with 9th gen dancing)
7. I’m Lucky Girl
MC – “I asked a senpai!” Quiz corner (クイズ先輩に聞きました~!) – Gaki, Aika, Erina, Fuku-chan, Kanon, Riho
8. Suki na Senpai (9th gen)
9. Resonant Blue – Aichan, Gaki, Sayu, Reina, Aika
10. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game
MC – Sayu, Reina
11. Sungoi My Birthday – Aika, Fukumura, Kanon
12. Otome Medley (Sayumi solo): Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago ⇒ Tsuugaku Ressha ⇒ Rainbow Pink (Sayumi, Erina)
13. Moonlight Night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~ – Aichan, Gaki, Riho (all three of them had solo dances in the middle)
14. Ai no Honou – Reina
MC – Aichan, Riho
15. Motto Aishite Hoshii no
16. Medley: Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai⇒Nanchatte Renai⇒Kimagure Princess
17. Medley: Love Machine⇒Ikimasshoi!⇒Renai Revolution 21
18. Namidacchi

19. Only you
20. Bravo!

From Day Concert
1. Medley: Nai Chau Kamo -> Shouganai Yume Oibito -> Onna ni Sachi Are

The DVD for this concert was released back in late July so everyone has a clear idea about what kind of concert is included, but fans who want a bump in quality and who haven’t had a chance to buy the DVD will be glad to hear that the blu-ray for this concert has finally been released.

The obvious question is what’s the difference between this blu-ray version and the DVD apart from the quality, and while there might not be that much bonus content there is an extra medley from the day performance with Nai Chau Kamo, Shouganai Yume Oibito, and Onna ni Sachi Are, so it’s well worth the look for those who are interested.

I have already mentioned how much I loved this release so I won’t repeat everything I have already said, but a bump in quality plus a bonus performance is a great addition for me, and while the only disadvantage is the cost it seems like a must have for anyone who has a blu-ray player since it allows you to enjoy the performance in the best quality possible.

For those who are still a bit undecided, here’s a preview from the DVD featuring a 5 nin performance of Resonant Blue and a full 9 nin performance of Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game:

Resonant Blue + Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game

Video uploaded by: DokkiDoc

Berryz Koubou Single V Clips 5 (DVD)

1. Otakebi Boy Wao!
2. Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!
3. Maji Bomber
4. Shining Power
5. Heroine ni Narou ka!
6. Ai no Dangan
7. Aa, Yo ga Akeru

Alternative PV Versions
1.Otakebi Boy Wao! (Close-up Ver.)

2. Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda (Dance Shot Ver.)
3. Maji Bomber (Dance Shot Ver.)
4. Shining Power (Dance Shot Ver.)
5. Heroine ni Narou ka! (Dance SoloMix Ver.)
6. Ai no Dangan (Dance Shot Ver.)
7. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Another Ver.)

TV SPOTS 15/30 seconds
1. Otakebi Boy Wao! / Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda
2. Maji Bomber
3. Shining Power
4. Heroine ni Narou ka!
5. Ai no Dangan
6. Aa, Yo ga Akeru

1. Aa, Yo ga Akeru Making Of

5th Single V Clips DVD release for Berryz Koubou featuring PVs from their 22nd single through their 27th single.

Single V’s are usually not that popular since they only include a PV, an alternate version, and a making of for the cost of a limited edition single, and while there are fans who prefer the visual to the songs it seems that they are destined to sell rather low since they simply don’t contain that much content.

Single V Clips DVDs are the opposite since they combine multiple PVs with multiple alternative version, CMs, and the Making Of for the latest single in a simple but convenient package for a reasonable price, which in my opinion is definitely a better buy since it allows everyone a chance enjoy about 6-7 times the content for twice the price of a regular Single V.

As you can see I really prefer Single V Clips and I’m happy to finally see the next Single V Clips DVD since that means Berryz Koubou fans can enjoy some of their most recent releases in a convenient DVD, and since the tracklist includes PVs for Otakebi Boy WAO!, Maji Bomber, Shining Power, among many others, it seems like a must have for anyone who has loved their most recent releases.

The cover for this release isn’t that creative since it’s basically another shot of the regular edition of Aa, Yo ga Akeru, and while that might be true it’s still great to see that they relate to the latest release by featuring the same setting and outfits since it gives everyone a chance to know the content at a glance, apart from that the cover isn’t what matters since the content more than makes up for it.

Video uploaded by: berryzchannel

There aren’t really any previews for this release since all of the PVs are already available, either on Youtube on the official channel or on the Single Vs, but I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t bought a Single V. You might be missing the Making Of’s for most of the singles, but it seems like the best way for anyone to enjoy their PVs since it’s basically an album of PVs with all of their releases since their last Single V Clips.

Kikkawa Yuu – YOU (PB)

First PB release for Kikkawa Yuu.

I can proudly say that I’m a fan of PBs since I own quite a few of them (Chii, Kumai, Sayu, etc) since they are simply the perfect way for fans of a member to support their member: an entire book filled with high quality photos with their favorite member as the spotlight, and since this is Kikka’s first release it seems like the perfect opportunity for her fans to get a copy and enjoy pages and pages of her in different outfits and locations.

The cover is among the most important parts of the PB since it’s what gets the attention of anyone shopping for a great PB, and for this release they didn’t disappoint since it features Kikka in a white dress with a calm expression in a pretty nature setting, and along with the sunlight shining down on her it completes the cover perfectly since they combine to form an almost angelic setting.

Most PBs feature a bikini cover with the idol posing in a cute position on the beach, but I’m glad to see that they used a calmer more mature theme for Kikka’s PB since it shows everyone her natural beauty without relying on other “assets” to get everyone interested. Despite the lack of bikinis in the cover, fans of bikinis won’t be disappointed since there are quite a lot of pictures of Kikka in one, as can be seen in the gallery below.

Like many fans of the Eggs might know she is well known for having amazing “qualities” (it’s hard not to notice, especially with the blue and yellow bikinis), and while I usually prefer the more elegant or casual outfits I have to admit that I really loved the bikini pictures I have seen so far since they show off Kikka’s body perfectly.

Along with the usual bikini pictures at the beach we also get to see other amazing pictures, such as Kikka in more casual clothing while reading a newspaper on a chair, surfing on a horse, and simply looking at the camera and while they might only be a few they do a perfect job of showing off the other half of the PB since they complement the other shots perfectly and complete the PB to make it an impressive release.

This PB does a perfect job of showing us on every page Kikka’s beauty since there are a lot of shots showing off her natural cuteness and personality, from the beach where she wears impressive bikinis showing off her great body to the backyard of a house where she surfs on a rocking horse in a more casual outfit or simply to the shot of her looking at the camera, this PB shows off many locations and outfits that everyone will enjoy.

Like I always say: seeing the pictures on the screen cannot compare to owning a copy of the PB since you can enjoy all of the pictures without worrying about anything apart from just enjoying every page, so I cannot recommend this release more to Kikka fans who would love to support Kikka while enjoying a book with her as the spotlight.

I plan on buying a copy of the PB so I hope everyone else who is interested will do so as well since the images I have seen so far place this PB among my favorites for this year, and for those who are undecided I will let the images below talk for themselves:

Kikkawa Yuu – YOU!~ the DVD~ (DVD)

Solo DVDs are usually something I ignore since I tend to prefer a PB where I can enjoy each picture at my own pace along with the 10 minute bonus DVD showing off a few scenes of the shots, and while that might be enough for me I have to admit that there is still quite a lot that is missing since every picture is simply a small glance at the activities that the idol did at that certain location.

This is where solo DVDs come in handy since they provide a perfect opportunity to check out every shot while the member is posing or doing other activities at that shot, and this DVD is no exception since it shows off the details about what happened behind each picture in a lot better detail than the bonus 10 minute DVD in the PB.

There is a focus on bikini scenes (not surprising) but we get a chance to check out how the shots were done, something which complements the PB perfectly since it shows off from start to finish other scenes that might not have made it to the finished PB. It’s hard to comment on stills from a DVD but as you can tell there are many impressive shots, ranging from Kikka eating in a blue bikini to smiling at the camera in many different but cute poses, so it’s well worth a look for fans who enjoy solo DVDs.

As I mentioned I strongly prefer PBs to DVDs but I recommend it to anyone who wants to check out the scene and making of each picture since it does just that, making it the perfect way to truly enjoy Kikka’s first solo release.

Morning Musume
Concert Tour 2011 Spring New Genesis Fantasy DX ~Welcome 9th Generation Members (Blu-ray)
Berryz Koubou
Single V Clips 5 (DVD)
Kikkawa Yuu
Kikkawa Yuu
YOU!~ the DVD~ (DVD)



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17 08 2011

Ordered both Kikka’s PB and the Berryz Clips collection.

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