H!P Releases August 17

17 08 2011

Today’s focus is on anything but singles or albums, with a blu-ray, two DVDs, and a PB.

Today’s releases include:

  • Morning Musume – Concert Tour 2011 Spring New Genesis Fantasy DX ~Welcome 9th Generation Members (Blu-ray)
  • Berryz Koubou – Single V Clips 5 (DVD)
  • Kikkawa Yuu – YOU (PB)
  • Kikkawa Yuu – YOU!~ the DVD~ (DVD)

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Bijou Gaku Volume 13 Cover And Content Released

17 08 2011

The cover and content for Bijou Gaku Volume 13 has been released.

This volume is based on 9th gen’s debut up until their 1st concert so it’s no surprise that they’re featured on the cover. The content is all in Japanese so I can’ t figure out what all of the content is but from Google Translate there will be the Bijou Gaku specials 1-3, Maji desu ka ska making of and dance lessons, as well as footage from their 4/3, which is the day Morning Musume’s spring concert started.

Here’s the tracklist (thanks to Sara Yolland for the translation!)

  • Morning Musume 9th generation Big Decisions SP ①
  • Morning Musume 9th generation Big Decisions SP ②
  • Morning Musume 9th generation Big Decisions SP ③
  • 2nd Stage
  • Video Card & Concert Lyric
  • Sign Writing
  • Artist Profile Picture
  • Dance Lesson
  • Fan Club Event
  • Recording Studio
  • Maji desu ka ska! Dance Lessons
  • Maji desu ka ska! PV Shooting
  • Concert Rehearsal
  • Concert Coverage

Most likely other footage of their dance/concert/singing rehearsals are included but I can’t confirm that for now. Basically this is a collection of 9th gen’s beginning in Morning Musume and it’s great for all fans since years from now we can look back on this and see how much they’ve grown.

As for the cover of the DVD, it’s very random and cartoon like. There’s a lot of background pictures that I don’t see fitting into the DVD too well like the watermelon, sunglasses, and a hamburger. Maybe it’s someone’s favorite food/accessory but since the members are wearing neutral colors they somewhat stand out from the colorful background. However the title of the DVD is hidden by the colorfulness but the real focus is 9th gen so that’s ok.

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy.

The release date is set on 9/7.

e-line up page

H!P discography page

NHK Radio’s Live Featuring Berryz Koubou, Mano Erina, & Kikkawa You Setlist Released

17 08 2011

The setlist (and photos) of Berryz Koubou, Mano Erina and Kikkawa You on NHK Radio has been released.

01.Kikkake wa You! – Kikka
02.Sekai wa Summer Party – Mano
MC: intro (Kikka, Mano)
03.Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi (Berryz)
04.Ai no Suki Suki Shisuu Joushouchuu (Berryz)
MC: intro (Berryz)
05.Aa, yo ga Akeru (Berryz)
MC: Berryz, Mano, Kikka
06.Jingisukan (Berryz)
07.Rival (Berryz)
08.Maji Bomber!! (Berryz)
09. Happy Wrapping ~Sunrise~ (Kikka)
10.My Days for You (Mano)
11.Ai wa Katsu (All)

I wasn’t aware that an event with Berryz, Kikka and Mano was going on but regardless of that the event was probably real interesting since Kikka performed Happy Wrapping ~Sunrise~, which is her 2nd single plus there’s a photo of her twisting her leg in a weird position and I’m sure that made an interesting topic during the MC. Also it’s not too common to see Mano, Kikka and Berryz Koubou working on a project together so I’m sure the interactions during the MCs were funny and interesting too.

The setlist is heavily dominated by Berryz Koubou but it’s completely understandable since compared to Berryz Koubou Mano and Kikka haven’t been around for that long, plus it sort of balances things out with Mano performing 2 songs and Kikka performing 2 songs.

Overall the event looks as if it went well since many fans joined them and hopefully we can get a preview or some hints of what Kikka’s new single will be like. For now please enjoy the photos of the event.

S/mileage And DJ ROCKETMAN Collaboration Announced

17 08 2011

S/mileage are set to collaborate with a DJ named DJ ROCKETMAN to release a remix of “Uchouten LOVE” titled Uchouten LOVE ~rocketman mix~ and another one of “Shortcut” available to download on iTunes and Recochoku.

Along with this announcement, S/mileage are set to attend the festival held by this DJ titled ROCKETMAN SUMMER FES’2011 Thank you for the music!!, most probably to promote the remixed songs.

I have to say that I am pretty surprised to see that they will be releasing 2 remixes with this DJ since Shortcut isn’t one of their most recent or best selling singles, but after thinking it through, it may be to boost sales for their latest single that is already their highest-selling single and to just proove themselves through a second song that is Shortcut.

Even though there was no mention about which member will be participating in the event, It’s probably just the 4 main members since they are the ones who were present for both singles, and I’m really excited to hear what kind of sound the songs will have since I expect a lot from Shortcut that will hopefully be more pleasant for fans through the remix; and even though I don’t now how they will manage to remix Uchouten LOVE which already has a very upbeat sound and many electro and eurobeat sounds, I’m still impatientely waiting for the result.

Overall, I’m really impressed by everything that has been pulled through to make Uchouten LOVE an amazing single through promotion, and I’m happy to see that fans will get a chance to listen to this song and to Shortcut in a remixed version.

Hopefully this collaboration will help boost the single’s sales a little more and hopefully S/mileage will be able to gain more fans through the event of the DJ and proove themselves as a persistant idol group that they have always been.

The songs will be available for download on iTunes and Recochoku on 8/18 and the event will take place on 8/21.

H!P official page about announcement

Oricon official article about announcement

Barks official article about announcement

Uchouten LOVE ~rocketman mix~ iTunes link

Shortcut (Remix) iTunes link

EDIT: The songs are now available worldwide





* Tomorrow, the new sub members of S/mileage will be on their weekly Ustream show so make sure to tune in if you want to watch it!

It’ll be broadcasted tomorrow 8/18 at 8PM (JST) and you can click here to see what time it’ll be in your timezone.

S/mileage’s Ustream page

S/mileage – “Uchouten LOVE” Event V Cover And Tracklist Released

17 08 2011

1. Uchouten LOVE (Deco Mic Vers.)

2. Uchouten LOVE (Wada Ayaka Super Close-up Vers.)

3. Uchouten LOVE (Maeda Yuuka Super Close-up Vers.)

4. Uchouten LOVE (Fukuda Kanon Super Close-up Vers.)

5. Uchouten LOVE (Ogawa Saki Super Close-up Vers.)

The cover and tracklist for the Event V of S/mileage’s 6th single titled Uchouten LOVE have been released.

The cover is really similar to the one used in the Limited B Edition of the single since it features the purikura theme that 2 of the covers have, and the members are positionned the exact same way with Kanon and Saki standing behing Yuuka and Dawa, but the very nice and peaceful expressions of all of the members and the simple stars used instead of the heavy gems really make this cover pop out and for me, it looks the best out of the purikura styled covers.

The tracklist on the other hand is in some ways similar to usual Event Vs thanks to the content which is the close-up versions, but since everything about this single is special, I’m really impressed to see that they added the most special scene which is the Deco Mic Vers. where we get to see the girls goof around and do many mimics while singing to the song, and I’m sure this will help many fans be convinced by purchasing a copy to have this special version, along with the super close-ups S/mileage have been so famous for.

Overall, even though I usually don’t pay much attention to Event V releases, I’m really happy to see the additions in this one since it has a wonderful cover with a very special tracklist that will please all S/mileage fans who liked this amazing PV and song.

The Event V will be sold on 8/20 and 8/27.

H!P official page about product

Takahashi Ai’s 6th Solo DVD Titled “Love Love Love”

17 08 2011

The title for Takahashi Ai’s 6th solo DVD has been revealed to be Love Love Love.

PBs and DVDs usually have similar titles that relate in some way, and it’s interesting to see that they decided to name the DVD release for Ai-chan’s Ai Ai Ai PB as Love Love Love since it seems like a very simple but cute title that does its job of relating the two releases by having the same title in Japanese and English.

The title isn’t as memorable as the PB since it had a slight pun (as Leigh and Ney pointed out in the comments for that post the title could mean “I Love Ai”) but it’s short and to the point and makes it easy to remember, and since this will be her last release as a Momusu member it’s nice to see that they decided to change the theme a bit by having titles that basically mirror each other.

No covers for the DVD or PB have been released but it’s already mid-August so it’s just a matter of time until we do since the release is coming up, and while there haven’t been any previews so far I am really looking forward to finding out what kind of themes and outfits we can expect to see.

Hopefully everyone already has their copy reserved since this will be a must have for any Ai-chan fan.

The release date is set for 9/21.

Official H!P Page For Ai-chan’s 6th DVD