Berryz Koubou And C-ute Nakayoshi Battle Fall Concert Tour 2011 Title Released

16 08 2011

The title for the second and upcoming Berryz Koubou and C-ute joint concert was revealed to be Berryz & C-ute Collabo Concert Tour Fall 2011 ~BeriKyuu Island~.

When I first read the title, I was a bit disappointed since like many fans, I wanted to see the word “battle” or something similar that would have made everyone happy since the first joint concert was a success with the original idea it had, but after looking again and thinking of it, I really find it interesting in many ways.

First of all, even if it seems the opposite of the first joint concert where the 2 groups were opposed in 2 teams of 7 members each, the title for this one seems a little more collaborative and shows the unity of the groups because of their famous nickname BeriKyuu and the mention of island which reminds us of a very calm and peaceful place, which is kind of understandable since the members in each group aren’t of an equal number anymore (5 C-ute for 7 Berryz).

Even though I’m starting to wonder what kind of special theme and idea this concert tour will have, the first thing that crossed my mind was that the idea of the tour will be that the 2 groups are lost on a desert island and have to find their way out by joining their vocal powers together and sing many songs to find a way out, but this is only a theory, and knowing UFA, it could really be anything.

Overall, the concert’s title is really cute and easy to remember, and even though it doesn’t seem as impressive as the one of the first joint concert, I still advise everyone to stay excited about this since they definitely won’t disappoint us.

Odyssey page about concert tour info



3 responses

16 08 2011

I thought the same thing about the deserted island and working together. LOL

16 08 2011

It would be really interesting if it’s something like that xD

16 08 2011

They’re going to have their fall tour together (slow, I know XD) !?
I hope you’re right aobut the theme, that would be lovely. ♥

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