Yajima Maimi – “a rainy day” DVD Preview Released

16 08 2011

A DVD preview for Yajima Maimi’s second e-Hello! DVD titled a rainy day has been released.

The preview seems a little longer than usual, since recently, e-Hello! DVDs had a 1 to 1:30 minutes preview while this one is a full 3:30 minutes, and we get to enjoy some amazing scenes and differet outfits where Maimi is in and they are all really impressive to say the least, accompanied by a sound of rain falling at first, followed by the typical piano instrumental.

The very first shot that immediately remind us of the title of the DVD and of it’s cover since Maimi is wearing the cover’s outfit while sitting on a large sofa next to a window where rain is pooring outside, and she has an umbrella and a basket next to her (almost seems as if she was ready to go out, but it unfortunately rained), and I really like that little yet amazing addition since it really adds a nice touch to the DVD, relating the title to the content.

The other shots are: a close-up of Maimi wearing a ribbon ring and holding her hands on her umbrella staring far away then turning towards the camera, a shot a little farer away where we get to see the chair she’s sitting in and her cute white and red outfit, a close-up that goes form bottom to top of Maimi showing us her outfit clearly with a sad expression on her face. Then we see her in another scene and outfit where her hair is let loose and she’s smiling unlike the first scene, we see her then in a cute flowered outfit while painting her toenails which is really cute, then back to the very first scene with a close-up where she looks somewhat pouty and finally, we see Maimi in a white outfit against a sunset’s light and next to a window walking away with a smile while rain is falling.

Overall, the preview is very calm and is mostly Maimi staring at the camera in both a sad and soft way, so hopefully all of her fans can reserve a copy to enjoy another amazing release by Maimi.

The pre-order session is from 8/12 till 8/29.

Video uploaded by: ocutechannel

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Berryz Koubou And C-ute Nakayoshi Battle Fall Concert Tour 2011 Title Released

16 08 2011

The title for the second and upcoming Berryz Koubou and C-ute joint concert was revealed to be Berryz & C-ute Collabo Concert Tour Fall 2011 ~BeriKyuu Island~.

When I first read the title, I was a bit disappointed since like many fans, I wanted to see the word “battle” or something similar that would have made everyone happy since the first joint concert was a success with the original idea it had, but after looking again and thinking of it, I really find it interesting in many ways.

First of all, even if it seems the opposite of the first joint concert where the 2 groups were opposed in 2 teams of 7 members each, the title for this one seems a little more collaborative and shows the unity of the groups because of their famous nickname BeriKyuu and the mention of island which reminds us of a very calm and peaceful place, which is kind of understandable since the members in each group aren’t of an equal number anymore (5 C-ute for 7 Berryz).

Even though I’m starting to wonder what kind of special theme and idea this concert tour will have, the first thing that crossed my mind was that the idea of the tour will be that the 2 groups are lost on a desert island and have to find their way out by joining their vocal powers together and sing many songs to find a way out, but this is only a theory, and knowing UFA, it could really be anything.

Overall, the concert’s title is really cute and easy to remember, and even though it doesn’t seem as impressive as the one of the first joint concert, I still advise everyone to stay excited about this since they definitely won’t disappoint us.

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