C-ute – “Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko!” PV Released

15 08 2011

The full PV for C-ute’s 17th single titled Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko! has been released.

The PV is definitely nothing like I had imagined since it’s really for me one of their bests this year since it’s fully colorful, fun, cute to look at and very creative, so I was pleasantly surprised while watching it all along.

The main setting of the PV takes place in a white room where the girls are sitting in boxes from their respective colors in their colored outfits that have a long colored road before them, and each box is made form one color to match the outfit of the girl alongside many fun and unique accessories matching the color.

The dance shot takes place there where the girls get out of their boxes to dance on the colored roads, and the main close-up takes place in each girl’s box, but I have to say that I’m really impressed with the camera work since it’s different from the usual still close-ups we get, and since they’re not green-screened and each girl has accessories in the background, it makes it even more fun to watch, in addition to all of the girls looking stunning in their outfits and hairstyles, as well as the colored highlights they added to each one.

The fun thing about this PV is that it’s somewhat similar to Momoiro Sparkling in the “fun” scene where we see the girls do many things in a full white room, such as lining up books to form the word HAPPY at the end, sleeping on the ground and singing while the camera is looking down to them (which I really liked), or also at the end where they are all looking like dolls stuck on the white floor with the word HAPPY they formed.

Colors seemed to be the main point of the PV since they played well with the member’s colors and added a respective amount of them in accessories, in their outfits, in the room, without overdoing it, so I was really happy to see that they managed to keep it this way since it’s really attractive and each girl got to shine since she is referred to her personal color, and I really like how each one has a head accessory that’s different from the other.

Overall, I have to say that this is definitely my favorite PV from them this year since everything about it is really cute and attractive, from the colors to the camera zooming in and out like in Kiss me Aishiteru, and my favorite scenes are definitely the group scene where they all sing together while sitting and the final scene with the word HAPPY.

I could talk a lot more about this, but I’d recommend everyone to watch it since it’s definitely worth it, and hopefully this will help fans who were doubting the single to purchase a copy.

The release date is set for 9/7.

Video uploaded by: ocutechannel




15 responses

15 08 2011

“it’s fully colorful, fun, cute to look at and very creative”

That descibed it perfectly. Very nice PV!

15 08 2011

None of the videos will load on my phone! :(

15 08 2011

Love it, I really like C-ute with these happy, c-ute songs and PVs. Also love the color in their hair, I think it would be so awesome if they did that at concerts.

15 08 2011

this is the worst single of C-ute! I do not like but then not at all the outfits! Ridiculous! And the dance shot! Frankly I would learn nothing in the world! The background colors are beautiful! Only the red wick Maimi I like, even if these are just false, I find it is very classy! Otherwise the rest is horrible, what else to say!

15 08 2011

The way you said it makes me feel sad, because everybody has their own decision. Please respect the others too!

I totally like this single, although in first place I thought that this song was quite bad, but after their PV release I just loved it. This song is now something different. This PV was totally fun, beautiful and shining. I loved it!

Go! Go! C-ute!
I really want to buy single V!!!

15 08 2011

If you didn’t like the song then why are you commenting it don’t mess it up for everyone else

16 08 2011

Please don’t fight ^_^

Anyone can comment about a single/album/PV/PB/etc they like or don’t like, and while Ryfia’s comment might sound a bit harsh, it’s still his opinion and it’s allowed. It probably sounds a bit harsh since it seems there is a bit of a language barrier (Ryfia name links to an H!P fansite in French) so if possible please don’t take it that personally ^_^

Thank you ^o^

16 08 2011

I simply gave my opinion, you do not blame me!
I say what I want, whether you like it or not, you say, well I do! I always love C-ute! I must say I am very very but then over it! I said nothing nasty! I know, I have insulted any member! So you have nothing to tell me! If I say it because I wanted to clone my opinion like everyone else here

15 08 2011

mmm… im not impressed.
i thought that they would top berryz with their pv, and they did, but i don’t know… both berryz and c-ute’s new pv’s look too SIMPLE.
i need to see something that catches my eye and that makes me want to listen and watch the music video. C-ute’s kiss me aishiteru made me drawn to the pv because it was a good song and it had a good and interesting pv. This seems.. very very mediocre at best. i don’t know… i think S/mileage’s pv’s have really been outshining both groups lately and that shouldn’t be because they are more established groups.
maybe I’m wrong? Nobody get mad at me, please! I’m just stating what I feel and it’s just my opinion!
I always critique every music video alot of artists in japan and korea come out with. If it makes anyone feel better, I think that the new AKB song flying get sucks and the pv is pretty bad. So i hope this makes people feel that i’m not targeting anyone in particular! I’m just sometimes picky!

15 08 2011

I think the video is awesome. But the song itself is just “okay” to me. I’m not really drawn to it just like I wasn’t to their past single either.

I miss singles as awesome as “Kiss Me Aishiteru”.

16 08 2011

I wouldn’t say this is my favorite C-ute single but it’s still a pretty good song with an interesting dance and a catchy beat ^_^

The PV is really impressive since it has many cute scenes, my favorite of them being the “HAPPY” written with books and the members laying down alongside them. The outfits could have been a bit more creative but they fit the song, and I really loved the way they added the colors to each member’s hair since it gave an extra bit of cuteness.

Overall an impressive PV for this song ^o^

16 08 2011

I didn´t like this song in the beginning. I thought that it was something simple and..usual, but as they released the PV I started loving the song! Although this PV is maybe simple I like it as everyone got to shine so much. It was so colourful and happy and it..charmed me :P

I know that somebody maybe didn´t like it so much, but I agree – everyone has their own decision..I don´t like only if they are saying it rudely or saying like only their decision is the right one.

16 08 2011
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17 08 2011

The PV is amazing,and the song isn’t that bad but…I’m not a fan of “kawaii and upbeat” songs n_n” But I like the PV and the outfits!

17 08 2011

I have to say that I’m disappointed with this song and the PV, i was expecting to hear and see something way better. Their previous single and the PV (momoiro sparkling) was just great, music, song and the PV itself, the song was a bit better than the PV though, but sitll i loved it a looot! I was amazaed.

But this time, music is just empty and simple, the PV too. Theres nothing else to say about music, about video… comparing to their previous PV, their new dresses, make up and and the whole PV are just simple and silly. Empty and silly release.

But still I sincerely hope that their next release will be just as great as lots of their other songs!

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