New S/mileage Members Announced

13 08 2011

The new S/mileage members were announced at today’s Hello! Project 2011 Summer ~Nippon no Mirai wa WOW WOW Live~.

The new members will take part in the new single to be released late September, and they will also take part in this fall’s concert tour.

The 5 new “sub” members are (thanks to Chinatsu @ H!O for the translations of the profiles):

Nakanishi Kana

S/milege’s first member from Kansai!
Nakanishi Kana
From Osaka
6/4/1997 14 years-old 2nd year Middle School
Special Skill: swimming, making funny faces
Imitations that your good at: a cat trying to intimidate things, a gorilla

Kosuga Fuyuka

HelloPro’s first Intelligent type in a long time!?
Kosuga Fuyuka
From Kanagawa
11/19/1997 13 years-old 2nd year Middle School
Special Skill: Karate movements, Tea Ceremony
Imitations that your good at: a person eating ramen, a cat

Takeuchi Akari

Energetic Girl (Genki Musume) from Hello Pro Egg
Takeuchi Akari
From Saitama
11/23/1997 13 years-old 2nd year Middle School
Special Skill: penmanship, bowling, sprinting, all sports
Imitations that your good at: Mickey Mouse, Stitch

Katsuta Rina

Smiling Girl (Egao Musume) from Hello Pro Egg
Katsuta Rina
From Tokyo
4/6/1998 13 years-old 1stt year Middle School
Special skill: cartwheel, handstand forward somersault
Imitations that your good at: dogs, Maeda Yuuka-chan

Tamura Meimi

The youngest!
Tamura Meimi
From Gunma
10/30/1998 12 years-old 1st year Middle School
Special Skill: Room arrangement
Imitations that your good at: Synchronized swimming, goldfish

I expected to see about 3 new members but Tsunku has once again surprised us all by adding 5 new members into S/mileage, bringing the grand total to 9 members, the same number of members that Morning Musume has right now!

It will be very interesting to see just how S/mileage will manage with more than double the amount of members since the current members will most likely have to get used to the idea, although it’s still hard to believe that with Takahashi Ai graduating next month S/mileage will be the largest group in Hello! Project (until the 10th generation is added).

Akari joining the group was expected, Tamura Meimi as well since she has the looks and the talent (not the singing voice though), but Katsuta, Nakanishi and Kosuga are really big surprises since they didn’t seem to stand out that much during the auditions.

It seems that Jang won’t be able to join a group just yet which might be due to her trouble with Japanese, but hopefully as an Egg she can improve. Karin is also missing but I can expect to see her joining Momusu once the 10th audition winners are announced since she seems like the perfect member.

I look forward to finding out how they will fit in with S/mileage since it seems like there is quite a bit of different talent and interesting personalities with 5 new members and while we don’t have that clear of an idea about how they will improve the group for now there is a new S/mileage single currently planned out for late September so that should help is find out just how their voices will fit in with the group’s image.

All that aside, congratulations to Katsuta, Kosuga, Nakanishi, Tamura, and Akari!

EDIT: The 5 new members were confirmed by Yahoo with a group picture (at the top of this post), and as you can tell everyone but Takeuchi and Katsuta are wearing long skirts and there’s a reason for that: the skirts were cut short to symbolize them becoming S/mileage members, here’s a pic of the skirts after they were cut:

Also a very important detail has been released: they are Sub members, which means that they aren’t permanent members just yet (this has apparently been confirmed by the articles on Yahoo, but not yet on the S/mileage site).

Whether or not they remain in the group will be decided based on their performance on the new single and the fall tour, although we don’t know for sure if it’s just something to encourage them or if it’s a real strategy that they will use since that could mean that one or more of the new members might leave the group if they don’t improve.

I’ll update with more details once they are released.

Yahoo Site

Oricon Site Report

C-ute And S/mileage To Perform On The 2011 “24H TV Marathon”

13 08 2011

C-ute and S/mileage will hold a special live and a charity auction on the annual 24H TV Marathon.

As some might already know, this event is an annual event that is repeated every year and it’s purpose is to collect as many donations as possible for many charities, and to gather more money, famous artists and celebrities are invited to take calls from the donators who call, as well as other ways such as special appearances and live shows, and this is a very important event that many people watch.

Since it seems like an interesting opportunity for the girls of C-ute and S/mileage to be present, it’s even better to see that they will have the chance to perform a special live since we don’t really know if it will be held outside or in the studio itself, but I would definitely like the event to take place on a stage placed outside so that people passing by can be attracted by the music and the girls which will give them a great promotion, and hopefully also donate more.

It’s also mentionned that the girls will hold a special charity auction, so my guess would be that the will make signed goods available for fans to purchase, and the money will go to charity, but the items could be any sort of thing. Even though I never pay that much attention to these kind of events, it’s well known to be really important and popular among Japanese people, so hopefully this will give the girls an amazing chance to promote their groups and their upcoming releases, and I’m still amazed by the fact that they managed to have a special live in this busy-scheduled event.

Overall, I’m really happy for the girls and hopefully after this event is held, they’ll find themselves with more fans and will be able to gather a lot of donations for the show.

The event will take place on 8/21.

NTV info page about  event