Yajima Maimi – “a rainy day” e-Lineup DVD Announced

12 08 2011

Yajima Maimi will release another solo DVD under the e-Hello! series titled a rainy day.

I didn’t expect to see any member get consecutive DVDs in the e-Hello! series but I’m not disappointed at all since Maimi’s DVDs have always been amazing, and with a rainy theme this seems like it will be among the more unique releases that this series has to offer.

Since the DVD was revealed on the site the only preview we have is the cover, which looks pretty good since it features Maimi in red heels wearing a red and white striped dress with a hat and an umbrella, and with the rainy garden background and white doors I was really impressed with this cover since it matches the title perfectly.

The title art might not be as good as the rest of the cover, but it does its job well, although even if it did have a more interesting theme it would still be overshadowed by Maimi who looks really pretty with the simple but eye catching outfit.

We should get a preview of the DVD sometime in the next few days on the C-ute Youtube channel (hopefully it’s not simply a slowed down dance to a jazz track), but for now I hope fans who want to get a copy do so since it seems like a great way for Maimi fans to enjoy yet another interesting release from her.

The DVD is up for preorder from now until 8/29, and it will start shipping late September.

e-Lineup Page




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