Mano Erina Invited To Tokyo Idol Festival 2011

12 08 2011

Mano Erina is among the many idols invited to perform at this year’s Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 Eco & Smile.

The event will feature a total of 45 performers including TNX’s THE Possible.

The title is a perfect description for what fans can expect to see since there will be a lot of groups performing at this event, but fans who regularly watch Tsunku’s Youtube show Tsuntube will probably be familiar with some of them, such as The Possible and Afilia Saga East so it will be interesting to see how these different groups compare to one another.

Despite the large number of groups currently invited to perform, I am really happy to see that Mano is among the few who made it to the front of the page for the event, where she is the only one who managed to appear solo on her own banner:

It will be interesting to see who will perform when since the festival will last for about 3-5 days, which is understandable since having 45 different groups perform in a single day is impossible.

I hope many Mano fans (as well as THE Possible fans) get a chance to visit the festival to support her while she performs since it seems like a great chance for her to promote her newest release as well as her many amazing songs.

The event will take place from 8/24 ~ 29.

Tokyo Idol Festival Site




3 responses

13 08 2011
xiao shu guan

shes very beautiful as i thought

13 08 2011

I’m so happy for Eri-chan! Hope someone posts pictures….

14 08 2011

Most likely the Up Front Link Facebook page will post a few since they usually post articles and photos from events ^_^
I’ll try and tweet a link on the site’s Twitter once they appear ^o^

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