Jun Jun To Appear In a Movie Titled “Love in a second”

12 08 2011

According to Jun Jun’s weibo account, she will be part of the cast for a movie drama titled Love in a second (or in Chinese Ai yi Miao).

She will play a school girl.

Not many details have been released about this movie but it seems like this will be a somewhat simple movie where Jun Jun will play a small role, although it’s still a role and a good sign that she is still active in the entertainment industry which is great news for all Jun Jun fans.

From what I can tell there seems to be quite a lot of actresses (so far about 11, counting Jun Jun) so it will be interesting to see just what Jun Jun’s role will be since she might play one of the semi-main roles, but like I mentioned before we don’t have that much information about it to know for sure what she will be doing.

For anyone interested in finding out a bit more about Jun Jun’s weibo account you will need to have an account to view later entries, so I added a link to a site with a tutorial so you can easily make an account and check it out at the bottom of this post (thanks to Amped for the link).

Apart from that I hope we get to see more details for this movie being released since it seems like an interesting way to see Jun Jun’s acting once again, but for now I’m glad to see that she’s still active.

No date has been announced for the movie.

Jun Jun’s Weibo Account

How To Setup A Weibo Account




12 responses

12 08 2011

It’s so great to hear news about both JunJun and LinLin doing stuff in the entertainment biz! It’s weird that we get theses announcements around the same time… Hmm…
Ahhh, I hope someone subs this movie whenever it comes out. XD I won’t understand a single word.

12 08 2011

So glad to hear about both Jun and Lin! They were my favorite members when they were in MM.

12 08 2011

Junjun and Linlin news :) I’m so happy for them.

12 08 2011

Junjun was my favorite member!! I’m SO happy to see her doing something!!! I miss her so much!! Junjun wo ai ni!! <3 <3

12 08 2011

Woohoo~ Now JunJun too~
This is exciting~

13 08 2011

I glad heard Junjun’s news ! Finally ^^
btw, is junjun be the main chara here ?

13 08 2011

I don’t think she is since there is another photo of the cast with one of the main actors and she’s in the 2nd row behind him, but we don’t know much about this movie so she might be among the semi-main characters, although it seems that she won’t be the main character for this release.

13 08 2011

asdfghjklakfhghjs she’s so prettyyyyy~ Well she’s always been but…
almost didn’t recognize her at the second pic! so cute >_<

13 08 2011

A little off-topic, but who is that actress with the super long hair? She’s really pretty!

14 08 2011

I have no idea but I agree that she’s really pretty ^o^
Hopefully someone familiar with Chinese actors can help ^_^

15 08 2011
Frysa Yudha Swastika

Does Linlin have a weibo account???

15 08 2011

I haven’t read of her having an account but she most likely does, although it’s not publicly known.
Once we do find out what it is we will update ^_^

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