Hello! Channel vol.6 Mook Announced

12 08 2011

The next mook release under the Hello! Channel series titled Hello! Channel vol.6 has been announced.

Like the release date and the description suggest this mook will be focused on Ai-chan since it will be released a few days before she graduates, and while the description doesn’t mention much else it seems like it will be filled with the usual combinations of members doing activities such as camping and BBQ as well as a mention of S/mileage’s new member(s) which we should find out about soon.

Apart from that there have been many mentions from members about who will be with who during these activities and so far here are some of the pairings to expect:

  • Gaki, Suzuki Kanon, Maasa, Chinami, Chisato, Yuuka and Sharan Q’s Makoto will have an outdoor BBQ
  • Sayumi, Kumai, Nakky, and Maimi will be hotel managers
  • Gaki with Mano, Mai, and Miyabi
  • Reina, Shimizu, Airi, and Fukuda Kanon will be wearing Summer Jinbei clothing
  • Airi with Ikuta Erina

There are most likely many, many more combinations but until we get a few previews or a more descriptive description we will have to wait to find out, although so far it seems like this will be a very interesting release because of the many interesting pairings and articles that will be included.

Hopefully everyone who is interested gets a copy of the mook once it is released since it seems like a must have for any H!P fan.

The release date is set for 9/23.

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