“Alo Hello! Morning Musume PB 2011” Announced

11 08 2011

The PB for Morning Musume’s Alo Hello FC tour to Hawaii titled Alo Hello! Morning Musume PB 2011 (tentative) has been announced.

Like always there is a PB release alongside the DVD for their FC tour in Hawaii so the news isn’t that much of a surprise, but it’s great to finally have a date since everyone can start pre-ordering it alongside the DVD release.

The description of the PB doesn’t say much about what the content will include, apart from the usual swimsuit references, but it does casually mention that this is the first Alo Hello! PB for the 9th generation as well as a Ai-chan memorial PB, something which isn’t that surprising since all of the releases in September (and a month after) will be dedicated to her.

We should get a few previews early next month with a cover in the next few weeks so hopefully it comes out great since this will be a pretty memorable release for both the 9th gen and Ai-chan.

The release date is set for September.

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