“Alo Hello! Morning Musume PB 2011” Announced

11 08 2011

The PB for Morning Musume’s Alo Hello FC tour to Hawaii titled Alo Hello! Morning Musume PB 2011 (tentative) has been announced.

Like always there is a PB release alongside the DVD for their FC tour in Hawaii so the news isn’t that much of a surprise, but it’s great to finally have a date since everyone can start pre-ordering it alongside the DVD release.

The description of the PB doesn’t say much about what the content will include, apart from the usual swimsuit references, but it does casually mention that this is the first Alo Hello! PB for the 9th generation as well as a Ai-chan memorial PB, something which isn’t that surprising since all of the releases in September (and a month after) will be dedicated to her.

We should get a few previews early next month with a cover in the next few weeks so hopefully it comes out great since this will be a pretty memorable release for both the 9th gen and Ai-chan.

The release date is set for September.

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Morning Musume – “Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!” LQ Radio Preview Released

11 08 2011

A short and LQ radio preview for Morning Musume’s second A-side for their 47th single titled Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai! has been released.

When I listened to the song, the first thing that caught my attention was the fact that it seems to be a Sayu lead, since she sings in almost most of this preview, and I was pleasantly surprised by this since her voice seems to fit the rythm perfectly, and she’s accompagnied in solo lines by Ai-chan, Gaki, Reina and Riho from what I can hear.

Apart from that, even though the preview is really short, the instrumental seems very interesting since it’s an upbeat metallic song in the beginning, but when Sayu starts to sing, it changes to a more happy beat filled with effects and up and downs that add to it’s unique sound, and the instrumental in the music breaks is also impressive since it’s mostly clapping hands with electric guitar.

We get to hear a bit of the chorus at the end, and it’s really amazing since it seems like what Morning Musume would release more as an album track instead of a single, but this is what makes it even more special since it has a very cute and happy beat with amazing verses and chorus that seem all pretty catchy.

Overall, I’m sure all Sayu fans will be extremely happy that she finally gets a chance to shine in an A-side that fits her voice and I’m excited to hear a clearer preview of this song since it seems really amazing.

Hopefully in a longer preview we’ll get to see if the other members also have solo lines, but for now, hopefully everyone can listen to it before it’s taken down.

The release date is set for 9/14.

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S/mileage – “Tachiagaaru” Tracklist Info Released

11 08 2011

Regular Edition

1. Tachiagaaru

2. B-side “A”

3. Tachiagaaru (Instrumental)


Limited Edition A

1. Tachiagaaru

2. B-side “A”

3. Tachiagaaru (Instrumental)

DVD: Special Feature “A”


Limited Edition B

1. Tachiagaaru

2. B-side “A”

3. Tachiagaaru (Instrumental)

DVD: Special Feature “B”


Limited Edition C

1. Tachiagaaru

2. B-side “B”

3. Tachiagaaru (Instrumental)


Limited Edition D

1. Tachiagaaru

2. B-side “C”

3. Tachiagaaru (Instrumental)


Limited Edition E

1. Tachiagaaru

2. Tachiagaaru (Instrumental)


Single V

Special Feature “C” and Making Of


Information concerning the tracklist for S/mileage’s 7th single titled Tachiagaaru has been released.

After I read through the whole tracklist for a few times, I was really amazed by the repartition of everything, from the different B-sides to the special features of the DVDs and to the Limited C, D and E editions that are special ones, and I finally realized that this is set to be one of S/mileage’s best and most extravagant releases so far, so please read through to understand.

To clear things out in a proper way, this single will be the first one with the new members that will be revealed in a few days; it will have 6 different editions, 3 different B-sides spreaded as well as special Limited Edition C, D and E that will only be a CD with different tracklists, the Limited E consisting only of the main song and it’s instrumental, while Limited D is the only version with the B-side “B” and Limited C is the only one featuring B-side “A”.

Even though it might seem confusing since we’re only referring to the content by letter because the titles aren’t yet revealed, I think this should give fans a general idea of the principe that this release will have, being the normal Regular and Limited Edition with the DVDs for Limited A and B (probably featuring the close-up in one and the dance shot in the other), along with special Limited Edition that will only have a CD allowing fans to provide themselves with different B-sides and pick the ones they like without having to pay the cost of a CD+DVD release.

Overall, I’m really starting to get excited about this release since it seems even more exceptional than Uchouten LOVE, so hopefully the title for the songs will be out soon so that we can set ourselves in the theme of the single and stop referring by letters.

Hopefully everyone can start reserving their copies now that we have a general idea of the content of each edition!

The release date is set for 9/28.

The Single V release date is set for 10/5.

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Kusumi Koharu Model Guest On “Kobe” Fashion Show

11 08 2011

Kusumi Koharu is set to be a model guest on the 2011 Fall/Winter Kobe Collection Fashion Show.

As some might remember, Koha has been features in CanCan magazine a few month ago, which is a very popular fashion magazine, and she has stated that it was a dream of hers to be featured there, so I’m really happy to see that her modeling career is slowly starting to evolve since she will be in the Kobe Collection fashion show as a model guest among many other celebrities and fashion people.

Even though I usually don’t pay that much attention to fashion shows, I’m always delighted to see H!P and ex-H!P members take part in those since it’s one of the many ways to promote themselves, and the nice thing about Koha’s appearance is that she is stated under the category “Guest Model” with a little flower saying Debut on her picture, which might drag more attention to her, people being curious to know what she’s capable of, and hopefully this will help her get noticed.

They seem to have given each model a link to their official site/blog (thanks to Estelle for the correction) for the event where many info are displayed, and in Koha’s case, it’s a link to her official site in her agency and she has a huge recent picture of her along with a banner on the top featuring links to her blog, links to purchase her releases,etc… as well as a little space where her recent activity is featured and a little menu (Home, Profile, Media, Discography,etc…).

Overall, I’m really happy for Koha since she’ll finally be able to do what she has always wanted to after graduating, so hopefully she’ll enjoy herself in her modeling career.

Hopefully everyone can take a look at her website and specially the gallery!

The show will take place on 9/4.

Kobe Collection Fashion Show guests list

Kusumi Koharu official website