Mobekimasu Official H!P Sites Updated

10 08 2011

All of Mobekimau groups now have their official website within H!P’s official site with a new design for each one.

As some might remember, Morning Musume were the first group to have their own official site colored in Yellow a while back with a totally new design and an easier pattern, and now I’m happy to see that all of the groups have followed them since it’s really a nice way to represent each group and artist, and it gives fans a chance to check out the so-called “official websites”.

All of the sites follow a similar pattern which consists of the group’s name  (or artist’s name in Mano’s case) in a specified color and pattern with a group profile picture of their latest single/album with a link to each member’s profile next to their image, along with useful information such as the PV of their latest single with release date for it and single’s promotional photo, as well as the categories featured on the top and links to all of the members blogs and official Ustream, Twitter,etc… pages.


Morning Musume

Momusu’s site has been updated a while back and we got to see the yellow design it got with a very original font used for the name and a bright yellow and orange color for the top bar and the “Blog” and “News” categories, and even though we pretty much got used to this design, it’s still nice to see that they went with such a bright color for the flag ship of H!P, specially since it matches their current gold outfits.

Berryz Koubou

Berryz’s site is really one of the best of all since the combination of the rainbow-colored logo for the group on the top of the page and the cute pink and purple theme from the artist’s profile picture and the purple bar and member’s bubbles result in a very cute and cuddly theme. Even though Berryz still have the PV for Ai no Dangan up, it should be soon updated so that everything will fit, and a funny notice is that Captain being the only one with a blog is the only one shown in the “Blog” section, but hopefully we’ll get to see all of the members open official blogs soon so that this section is more lively.


C-ute’s site has a dominant blue color with their official logo on top in the same color and everything from the top banner to the member’s bubbles is also blue, so it’s quite cute to see that they went for a one-colored theme since blue suits them really well. They still have their Momoiro Sparkling profile picture up which should be changed soon, and it’s nice to see that the “Blog” section is active.

Mano Erina

Mano’s logo and color have always been red, so it’s nice to see that they went with her official logo that she uses everywhere and matched it with red and pink bars for the unique “Blog&Twitter” section she has as well as the “News”, and even though her page might look a little plain compared to the group ones, it’s still nice since it features all information concerning her last single from the profile picture to the info on the right.


S/mileage’s site is the most colorful of them all probably thanks to their outfits in the profile picture that really stand out, as well as the unique logo they have and have always used. They have a dominant color of pink similar to the one Berryz have, and since they are one of the most active groups in Twitter and on their blogs, this section is really active and should please every fan who stops by.

Overall, I’m really happy to see that each group and artist got their own official site within H!P’s big website since it’s clearer and way easier to browse through, along with a nice new setting for each group and many inportant info featured in an original way on he front page.

Hopefully everyone can check them out and I’m hoping that Buono! gets a new setting for their page too since it’d be somewhat sad to see that the others have new updated pages while Buono! still have the old design.

Morning Musume official site

Berryz Koubou official site

C-ute official site

Mano Erina official site

S/mileage official site



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