Hello! SayuNii Has Reached 2,000,000 Hits!

10 08 2011

I wanted to do a quick post to thank everyone for supporting the site during the past few years and making the 2,000,000 milestone possible since it’s an honor to provide H!P fans around the world news about the many amazing groups that Hello! Project has.

It’s a somewhat long post (longer than I planned) so please check it out after the break!

It’s surprising to see that just back in December we were celebrating the 1,000,000 mark that took about 2 years to reach and just 8 months later in August 2011 we are already passing the 2,000,000 mark since I wouldn’t have expected to pass the goal so fast, but it’s all thanks to the support of fans who visit the site each day, so a big thank you to everyone!

Back then I was the only person in charge of the site so it took quite a bit of work to reach that goal, but I would like to thank Ayuchii and ladylibra92 for their tremendous amount of help with the posts since it has really improved the site in many ways, and while saying thanks isn’t enough I am really glad that they agreed to join the site to help fans around the world be up to date with news about H!P, so to both Ayuchii and ladylibra92, thank you very much!

Here’s a quick message from ladylibra92 to everyone:

Thank you to all the fans that support Hello!SayuNii! Please continue to support the site and Hello!Project!

As well as a message from Ayuchii:

It’s thank to the support of everyone who visits the site regularly that we were able to achieve this goal, and celebrating it within the H!SN team is amazing so please, keep supporting both H!P and the site! ^_^

So quickly I will mention a few of the updates that will occur during the next month:

> Section updates

The biggest update will be that I will remove the Schedule section for a while, which is not that surprising since it has been quite a while since I last updated this section, mainly because it took way too much time to update due to the amount of dates and setlist info that had to be added. While I’m not going to remove it from the site completely I am going to take it off for a while to update it and hopefully have it ready to add once again in the next few months since it is a useful addition to the site because it provided info about concerts at a quick glance.

Along with that I have a few ideas I want to try out so I will hopefully detail them soon, but I will try to release at least one new section by the end of this month.

> A new theme is being considered

We have used the same theme on the site since the blog started back in 2009, so it’s no surprise that the theme that we have been using has slowly become part of the site itself since there hasn’t been that much change during the past few years apart from a few different headers, and while that might be true I think it’s time to see if there are other themes that could enhance the site.

I have been thinking about this for the past few months since I have wanted to try a few other layouts that could make the site even better, mainly a few which give the site a more professional look and make the info easier to find, and that’s mainly the reason why I was focused on updating the sections with new graphics since they will be required to make the site look better once the new theme is added.

For everyone concerned that they might not like the new theme I can assure you that this will not be permanent until the majority of readers of this blog are satisfied with it so this isn’t a final decision since there is a chance that not many will like the new theme (it’s a bit darker than the current one, although not by much) and if that’s the case I can simply change back to the original layout without any problems.

The new theme will probably be up in the next few weeks if everything goes according to plan, most likely near the end of August, and what I plan on doing is that I will add the new theme along with a post where fans can voice their opinions about it (you can comment with your opinion but I will also have a poll where you can easily vote), and depending on the reaction after a week I will then decide what to do.

What kind of theme will the site have? That’s something everyone will have to wait to find out, but I can assure you that I have looked at most of the themes that WordPress has and I have chosen one that I think will reflect the site the best, although it will take about a day or two to update the rest of the sections to fit the theme perfectly.

As mentioned before this is not a final decision so if there is a negative response to the new theme I will simply change back to the theme that we are currently using, but I think this is the best time to try out a new theme and see if it fits the site better since there are quite a lot of things in the new theme I am considering that I really liked.

For now those are the only two things I would like to update, but I can assure everyone that there will be many more updates to come in the next few months, the biggest of them being in November, so please look forward to them.

Again, I wanted to thank everyone for their support during these past few years, especially to everyone at Jplop (Amped, Sohee, etc), JPC, and H!O for posting the news from 2ch and the official blogs and sites since it’s thanks to you that I’m able to post and inform everyone about everything that’s happening in H!P.

Like always we pass a milestone and we aim for a higher one so I look forward to celebrating with everyone the 2,500,000 mark as well as the 5,000,000 mark and so on.

I look forward to seeing just how H!P will change in the next year, and it’s safe to say that there will be quite a bit of changes but H!SN will continue to update and provide fans all the info they need so please look forward to updates about H!P from Ayuchii, ladylibra92, and me.

Please continue to support UFA and H!P groups!

Thank You!

– Ado



49 responses

12 08 2011

And no credit to the fansites/forum where you get your info from?

12 08 2011

You’re right I forgot about that ^_^;;;;
I have used the same sources since I started the blog so I really want to include them in this post.

I just added them, thank you very much for reminding me ^_^

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