Hello! Project 2012 Calendars Announced

10 08 2011

This year’s 2012 Hello! Project calendars have finally been announced.

The groups/artists releasing calendars this year are: Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Mano Erina, S/mileage and Takahashi Ai.

The long-awaited calnedars for 2012 have finally been announced, and it’s not a surprise to see all of H!P’s groups and artists participate and have their own calendar just like every year, but the nice point for this year that will please every single Ai-chan fan is the fact that Momusu’s soon to graduate leader will have her own solo calendar for everyone to enjoy.

Even though I usually don’t pay much attention to calendars apart from the photos that are included in them, I think that this is yet another amazing release that H!P does every year since many fans anxiously wait for this, and having a calendar from their favorite groups/artists is really nice since you get to follow them all-year long, each month featuring an amazing picture.

Overall, I’m really happy to see that they have finally been announced since it’s a great opportunity for everyone to start reserving their copies, and I’m glad to see that Ai-chan will be getting her own since many fans will like to remember her though the year even if she’s not in Momusu anymore.

The calendars are set to be released in late September.

Hagoromo.com announcement page for 2012 releases



8 responses

10 08 2011

OMG yaaaaaaaay! I can’t believe Ai-chan is getting her own! WOO!
I was really nervous she wasn’t going to be part of the Musume one, and I’d only have 2011 with her :( but now those fears are gone! :D
Now my only issue is pickin which calendar I want more, Musume or Ai-chan’s. But knowing me I’ll probably get both XD

10 08 2011

Yay! I will definetley have to buy Mano Erina’s 2012 calendar! or at least ask to get it as a christmas present…

10 08 2011

I will pre-order Mano Erina’s calendar as soon as it is available. I got the 2011 calendar late, HMV’s last one, so I feel lucky! Does anyone know what year was her first calendar? I don’t see anything before 2010.

10 08 2011

I think I’ll buy a calendar,it would be the first H!P item I’ll ever buy xD (yeah,I know what you think:what kind of a fan I am?XD)
from those groups I like Berryz Koubou the best,but I think I’ll buy the C-ute one since I want to have Airi and Chissa in my calendar :D

10 08 2011

Ahh, me too!! I wanted to get one of their T-shirts but it was too expensive so I really want to get a calendar. Airi and Chissa are pulling towards a C-ute calendar XD

10 08 2011

No kikka? :(

10 08 2011

She’s technically not stated as a H!P artist anymore so that might be why.

10 08 2011

I normally buy a calender every year and I want to support H!P by buying one of their calenders but I want one with the entire H!P and not just groups… Maybe I’ll get a MM calender this year since it’s Ai-chan’s last.

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