Buono! To Attend A Cancer Awareness Event Titled “HelloSmile Live Fall 2011”

10 08 2011

According to the official H!P site Buono will attend an event by a cervical cancer awareness project titled HelloSmile Live Fall 2011.

The special guest for the event will be: LOVE.

Artists appearing at events to raise awareness for a certain disease isn’t unheard of in H!P since there are countless appearances done by members at these kind of events during the past few years, the most recent of them being this one where Buono will appear to raise awareness for cervical cancer, and while it might be somewhat out of the ordinary it’s still a very nice way of showing everyone that they want to help out those with this disease.

For now it appears that they will probably perform at this event, although I’m not too sure about the details since there isn’t much on the site but I will update with more once I find out.

Tickets for the event are already on sale so I encourage fans who can to go to the event to help support both Buono and those who have this condition.

The event will take place on 11/12 at Laforet Museum in Roppongi, Tokyo at 15:00 / 18:30.

Official H!P Site Page For Buono’s HelloSmile Live Fall 2011



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