Tracklist And Larger Cover Of “Berryz Koubou Single V Clips” Released

9 08 2011

The tracklist and a larger cover of “Berryz Koubou Single V Clips” has been released.

1. Otakebi boy wao!
2. Tomodachi wa tomodachi nanda
3. Maji Bomber
4. Shining Power
5. Heroine ni Narou ka!
6. Ai no Dangan
7. Aa, yo ga akeru

*Also included is making of Aa, yo ga Akeru, CM TV Spots

The cover is almost the same as the cover for the regular edition of Aa, yo ga Akeru but in this cover Chinami has a real happy face on while everyone else poses with a serious one. I think it would’ve been even more better if everyone else had a happy smile too but it wouldn’t have matched the song so it’s understandable.

The DVD features 7 PVs from Berryz and I’m not sure if that’s part of the whole 7 anniversary thing but hopefully 7 PVs will entice fans to reserve a copy. Not only that the making of their latest PV is included too and I’m sure there will be a lot of funny behind-the-scene moments on there.

Overall this is a great release for all Berryz Koubou fans and I recommend all fans to reserve a copy.

The Single V Clips will be released on 8/17.

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3 responses

9 08 2011

but… I knew this evetn before they announced Single V Clips 5…..
the versions probablu comming int the DVD are
1. Otakebi boy wao! (Dance Shot Ver.)
2. Tomodachi wa tomodachi nanda (Close-up Ver.)
3. Maji Bomber (Dance Shot Ver.)
4. Shining Power (Another Dance Shot ver.)
5. Heroine ni Narou ka! (Close-up Ver.)
6. Ai no Dangan (Anothe rDance SHot Ver.)
7. Aa, yo ga akeru (I don’t know the name but it is that part of the up stairs…)

10 08 2011

Can we see full PV´s or only alternative versions? Or..both? I am a bit confused right now >.<

10 08 2011

Both ^_^
The DVD will contain the original PVs plus alternative PVs, as well as the making of and CMs, so there is quite a lot of content.
I was just about to release an updated post with the list of alternative PVs include ^o^

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