H!P Releases August 9

9 08 2011

Another short post today since there’s only one release, but it should be a fun day for fans of Morning Musume PBs.

Today’s releases include:

  • Morning Musume Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Spring New Genesis Fantasy DX ~Welcome 9th Generation Members~ (PB)

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“Dream Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai ~Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei~” DVD Cover & Tracklist Released

9 08 2011

The cover and tracklist for Dream Morning Musume’s 1st concert titled “Dream Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai ~Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei~” has been released.


01. LOVE Machine
02. Daite HOLD ON ME!
03. Koibito no You na Kao wo Shite…
04. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (2011 Dreamusu。Ver)
05. Summer Night Town
06. Shabondama
07. Morning Coffee 
08. Iroppoi Jirettai 
09. Atto Odoroku Mirai ga Yattekuru!
10. Happy Summer Wedding
11. Koi no Dance Site
12. Mikan
13. Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~ 
14. Medley (Do it! Now→Mirai no Tobira→Say Yeah! ~Motto miracle night~→Happy Night)
15. Sou da! WE’RE ALIVE
16. The Peace!
17. Renai revolution 21
18. I WISH
19. Aozora ga itsumade mo tsuzuku you na mirai de are!

There’s no surprise to the tracklist since they used the same one for the entire tour and since H!P has been doing the multiple setlist thing seeing Dream Morning Musume with one solid setlist is quite a relief because I don’t have to worry about missing anything.

The cover features the members in a white cheetah print outfit with a red-orange-pink cyber background. I’m a bit surprised that the outfits used weren’t more glittery/shiny since in most photos of Dream Morning Musume they’re using something that sparkles. Regardless of that though the outfits and cover is nice.

Also so far the bluray version of this release features the same setlist but as of now the cover hasn’t been released yet, though I’m assuming it’s going to be the same. Hopefully we’ll get a confirmation on that soon.

Overall this is a great release and hopefully everyone supports them by reserving a copy.

The DVD is set to release on 9/14.

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Tracklist And Larger Cover Of “Berryz Koubou Single V Clips” Released

9 08 2011

The tracklist and a larger cover of “Berryz Koubou Single V Clips” has been released.

1. Otakebi boy wao!
2. Tomodachi wa tomodachi nanda
3. Maji Bomber
4. Shining Power
5. Heroine ni Narou ka!
6. Ai no Dangan
7. Aa, yo ga akeru

*Also included is making of Aa, yo ga Akeru, CM TV Spots

The cover is almost the same as the cover for the regular edition of Aa, yo ga Akeru but in this cover Chinami has a real happy face on while everyone else poses with a serious one. I think it would’ve been even more better if everyone else had a happy smile too but it wouldn’t have matched the song so it’s understandable.

The DVD features 7 PVs from Berryz and I’m not sure if that’s part of the whole 7 anniversary thing but hopefully 7 PVs will entice fans to reserve a copy. Not only that the making of their latest PV is included too and I’m sure there will be a lot of funny behind-the-scene moments on there.

Overall this is a great release for all Berryz Koubou fans and I recommend all fans to reserve a copy.

The Single V Clips will be released on 8/17.

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