Buono! – “FrankicenseΨ” And “My alright sky” Previews Released

8 08 2011

Previews for 2 songs of Buono!’s first mini-album titled FrankicenseΨ and My alright sky have been released.

Since some might not know, this mini-album is set to contain “lead songs” for each girl, meaning that each member will have a song where she is dominant and is the lead vocal in it, and even though it might seem like those songs are solos, the other girls take part in the songs either in the chorus or as back-up vocals.

Since the songs are really different and unique, I’d like to comment on each one alone:

FrankincenseΨ: Natsuyaki Miyabi Lead

Video uploaded by: MimiChimu

This song is really one of the catchiest songs Buono! has ever released, and I’m really happy that they chose Miya as a lead in it since her voice seems to just fit perfectly with the pop/electro rythm that has many cute echos and voice blendings in it, and Miya’s voice is the best qualified to sing to a similar type of song since she has a very unique pitch and hits all of the correct notes while giving the song a touch of “Miya-ness”.

The song overall is really original and is based on electro-pop with many cute backup sound effects and a lot of english words that add to the cutesy and upbeat rythm of the song, and I think that this song is a perfect mix of Buono!’s usual sound and electro, which seems to blend perfectly.

Event though this song is kind of hard to describe, it’s really an amazing song that deserves a decent listen since it seems like a very solid mini-album track, and hopefully everyone will enjoy it since it’s pretty catchy and fun to listen to, and an amazing addition to the mini-album with no doubt!

My alright sky: Suzuki Airi Lead

Video uploaded by: gacon167

Airi’s lead song seems to be the soothing and calm song of the album, with a very unique R&B sound to it and a calm instrumental, and I have to say that I was impressed by Airi’s vocal range in this song since she sang it in a deep voice and hit all of the high notes perfectly just as we are used to from Airi.

The song is really calm and made me feel somewhat relaxed while listening to it, probably thanks to Airi’s awesome vocals and voice control, but mostly because of the noticeable backup voice that just blends perfectly in the track; the backup voice is really calm and seems to be someone other than the Buono! members since there is quite a lot of english being said without any mistakes or accent, and I think that this just adds to the originality and unique side this song has since it’s quite new to see H!P do any R&B style of song.

Hopefully everyone can give it a listen and focus on the vocals by both Airi and the backup voice since this is set to be one of the most noticeable songs of the mini-album!

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the variety that this mini-album seems to have since apart from the 3 songs that we already know (Natsu DAKARA!, JUICY HE@RT and Zassou no Uta), the previews we got are all unique and very different from the usual Buono! sound.

Hopefully these previews will convince any fan to purchase a copy of the album since at 2 days away from the release, it’d be a waste not to support Buono!’s awesome new departure into a unique sound since they prove us once again that they are more than a group who sticks to a particular type of songs, and I highly encourage everyone to do so since it’s one of Buono!’s most amazing releases so far!

The release date is set for 8/10.

*Momoko’s lead song is said to be Kia Ora Gracias Arigatou, as soon as a preview is released on YouTube, it will be posted.




12 responses

8 08 2011

I really like the mini album. I love all the songs so far. Miya’s song suit her so much!!! *o* And I like Airi’s song too. It was so good and I love the piano. I can’t wait for Momo’s song to be out. Overall, the best mini album! (^_^)\/

8 08 2011

I juuuuuuuuuuust love this mini album! Its perfect!
Buono! my fav band for eveeer. :D

8 08 2011
Amanda Donaldson

Actually, FrankicenseΨ is a cover of a SINA song

8 08 2011

Almost all of the “new” songs in the mini-album are cover songs, it has been mentionned in the post concerning the tracklist of the mini-album a while back so I thought it wouldn’t be necessary to mention it again ^^

8 08 2011

I think this mini-album is gonna be great!

Miya’s song was very good.

But Airi’s song was just beautiful. Her voice was so calming and pretty :)

8 08 2011
Ney Congjuico

1/3 Junjou no Kanjou

Momo’s solo… uhm… Kia Ora Gracias Arigatou

9 08 2011


9 08 2011

^ Momo should seriously be a seiyuu,her voice is so kawaii and anime-ish!xD I love her solo,so cute!
Miya’s solo sounds like Perfume!:D I like,it has a disco feeling to it.
Airi’s solo is my favorite.Not because Airi is my favorite,but I really like this song.I’m usually not a fan of calm songs,but Buono!’s are always amazing.This song really brightened my day!
1/3 Junjou no Kanjou is also great,I love the rock beat,it reminds me of Juicy He@rt.

9 08 2011

Airi’s solo is going on my iPod :D

9 08 2011

I can’t help smiling through Momo’s whole solo. Momo is one of my all time favorites, her voice is just so Kawaii, and she hits each note so perfectly! My favorite solo from this album. Next is Airi’s (even though I don’t care for her, or her voice, but the song itself is very pretty.)

9 08 2011

I ordered the album some days ago. I am quite impressed with the songs. Good ones ^^ Only one thing.. I liked their style before more ~_~

10 08 2011

I also liked their style before,but as long as it’s Buono! I don’t care about their style.xD
I really like 1/3 Junjou no Kanjou,I can’t stop listening to it!

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