Buono! – “partenza~Lets Go!!!~” 5 Minute Preview Released

7 08 2011

A 5 minute preview of Buono’s “partenza ~Lets Go!!” has been released.

A short preview was released earlier on and I believe this is the full preview. From the short preview my opinion of this song was it’s a electro-techno with k-pop, Lady Gaga and rap mixed in. (For anyone who doesn’t know who Lady Gaga is she’s an American singer) The song is quite hard to explain and it’s real different from the Buono we’ve known seen on Shugo Chara, but this is also something completely different from H!P so I’d give it a chance.

The song does feature a sort of pattern where they sing in an autotuned/electronic voice and then it moves to rapping. I was never a big fan on the “robo” voices but it really fits for the song since there’s a lot of repetition in the song and the parts where they sing “B-u-o-n-o-let’s-go” is like a robot.

Hopefully everyone listens to the full rip, it’s hard to explain the song and it’s real different from anything H!P has done so there’s not much to compare to. I’ve actually never heard any song like this one before so I can’t even give any other song to compare it to! It’s really something new for Buono and I hope it doesn’t backfire on them.

Please support Buono and reserve a copy of their mini album on 8/10.