Shuukan Yoro! Vol 103

5 08 2011

Summary: Here’s a summary of what this week’s Shuukan Yoro post contains:

  • Site News: 2,000,000 hit milestone coming up, update on Discography/Profile pages
  • Polls: Suguya Risako came in 1st with 42%, Kumai Yurina came in 2nd with 32%, and Sudou Maasa came in 3rd with 25%
  • H!P Single of the Week

Check out the full post after the break!

Site News: Before anything I would like to mention that the site is close to the 2,000,000 mark, and at the pace we’re going now it seems that we will probably reach that goal sometime in the next week (in the next 4-5 days) so an early thank you to everyone who visits the site!

The average of visits rose quite a lot in the past few months which really surprised me since it’s quite a big increase (about 50% some days, closer to 25% on a regular day compared to the past) which really helped reduce the time for the 2,000,000 mark. I have quite a lot of stuff planned for the site and I planned on releasing them by the time the 2,000,000 mark was reached since I expected that to be around late August – early September, but I will have to unfortunately move the release dates for a few of them until that time.

I am still wondering whether I should detail 2 out of the 3 big updates on the 2,000,000 hit post but I’ll hopefully at least mention what they are since I am really excited about them and finding out what fans think of it. I will ask for opinions on that day so if possible please give your opinion about them then.

For me the 3rd update is the biggest since it’s a very interesting concept that started back in late May and while I’m not sure how it will be received I am really looking forward to releasing it, but I have decided to release the big 3rd update on the 2,500,000 mark date instead, which should be around mid-November since there is still quite a lot of work to be done on it. It’s too early to give the details on that project but from the reaction of Ayuchii and ladylibra92 when I mentioned it to them I believe many fans will love it since it’s a new way of presenting the site for any H!P fan, even those who don’t visit the site that regularly, but until the 2,500,000 mark the project is still secret.

That being said the other big theme of this post is the Discography page, and in short it will be updated fully by the end of this weekend. I ran into a few problems with graphics since the tone I originally used didn’t look as well as I planned, here’s a comparison of the new and old graphics:



As you can tell they are basically the same, but the new images are PNG images which have the added benefit of being able of having transparency instead of a white background, which should really help improve the look of the section since they seem to blend in with the page. I had originally planned on updating the section all at once but I had to set the new pages aside for a while since I couldn’t do much without the new images.

The only update I could do was to add the info for all of the singles/albums without links so it’s at least partially updated, although the pages will come for sure by the end of this weekend since they are basically done (I just need to add the new images and work on the HTML code a bit more to remove all of the unnecessary images), here’s a preview of one of the finished pages with the new images added:

As you can tell the new images seem to be engraved into the page, which is the look I wanted to get since it blends into the page perfectly, although I will correct the size of the words by tonight since they seem to be a bit too big like they are now so that I can begin to add them tomorrow and have them ready for the end of the weekend.

Apart from that I also decided to set back the release date update for the new icons for the Profile section since I plan on using them on the 3rd project as well, but I will try and give a preview as soon as I can. I also plan on updating the Profile section when I finish the Discography section, and I decided to update the images there as well, so hopefully I can show off a preview of a sample by next week.

Polls: The winner for this poll was Sugaya Risako with 394 votes (42%), congratulations Risako! Kumai Yurina came in second with 302 votes (32%), and Sudou Maasa came in third with 237 votes (25%).

There was a total of 933 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Risako!

Risako did have a slight advantage over the others since she is after all the front of Berryz Koubou in terms of singing (literally front because she’s in the middle or closest to the camera in all singles), so I wasn’t surprised to see that she won, although it’s interesting to see that by not much compared to the other members. The results for this poll were a bit more even with Kumai getting a close 92-vote difference compared to Risako, and while Maasa did come in last she still managed to do so with a 65 vote difference, which is very good.

From what I can tell the members all have a balanced amount of votes with a small gap of votes between each and while I would have liked to see a smaller gap I was still impressed with the results for this poll since they all did a good job with their results. Kumai got a close second and Maasa a close third, but there can only be one winner (if there’s no tie) so for now congratulations to Risako!

Next week will be the start of another OG poll so hopefully fans of the early Momusu generations are ready since next week we will complete the M-line members, and while the totals might be the same as a normal poll I am glad to see that the first poll turned out so well since the results far exceeded my expectations, so hopefully next week’s OG poll does that as well.

The next H!P poll will feature Ikuta Erina, Suzuki Kanon, and Tokunaga Chinami and while the 9th gen members have some advantage it will be interesting to see who turns out to be the winner since so far Erina seems to be in first with Kanon in a close second, and since they both have already been members of the week this poll will be very interesting to follow since the results next week might be very close.

How will the poll end? That will be something everyone will have to wait and see until next week, so if you haven’t voted please vote for your favorite!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the H!P poll HERE.

Please vote!

H!P Single of the Week: I have already decided what videos to show off and when so it’s just a matter of editing and uploading them to Youtube, but for now I’m focused on finishing up the Discography section since that will take up most of my time. I plan on showing them sometime in the next few weeks (about 2-3 weeks) since the new updates might take quite a bit of time to add to the site so hopefully I can update by then with the details

Fans who haven’t seen the Hello Pro Time show will get a chance to do so once the section starts since I plan on showing those first, and while the series isn’t completely subbed I will do my best to make sure that I find all of those who are to show them in this section, along with the other shows such as Utaban, Haromoni@, etc.

For now here are a few more of my favorite singles from H!P, obviously including S/mileage’s new single which was just released this week:

Video uploaded by: smileagechannel

As well as Berryz Koubou’s catchy and techno filled song Dakishimete Dakishimete:

Video uploaded by: berryzchannel




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