C-ute – “Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko” HQ Covers Released

5 08 2011


The covers for C-ute’s 17th single titled Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko have been released on Amazon.

At first glance you might or might not notice that the “everything in white” theme that they used for Momusu’s Only You Limited B version is making a comeback, and while it does look good on the covers it is somewhat interesting to see that they decided to use the same theme for all of them since it is a very distinctive design for their next single.

Having the covers in complete white means that the members have to do their best to stand out by themselves without the help of fancy props or cool backgrounds, and it seems that they did a good job since the Regular cover features a very happy scene featuring all of the members carrying cards with the title of the single (as well as the name of the group and Tsunku’s credit) which manages to give it a pure and cute look that many will love.

Limited A

The Limited A in the other hand seems to have a sexy or more mature look compared to the happy Regular cover since it features close-ups of all of the members looking at the camera in a calm way. It’s a very distinct theme that seems to contrast the title of the single, but I am impressed with how good all of the members look since they seem to have the similar calm look (especially Chisa).

Limited B

Coming back to the happy and smiling theme the Limited B cover features a classic C-ute group lineup with Airi in the middle, the leader and subleader to her sides and Chisa and Mai on the ends, but I am glad to see that they included a cover with the normal group lineup since it does complement the other covers well.

Not much to mention about the design since there’s obviously nothing, but it’s great to note that each of the covers have a distinct color in a few of the characters of the title: blue for Regular, pink for Limited A, and green for Limited B, since we can easily tell them apart at a glance, but I would have liked to see at least some color in another part of the cover since the outfits blend in too well with the background.

For now I would say that my favorites would be Regular and Limited A since they both have contrasting themes that look really good: a happy theme featuring the members jumping joyfully on the Regular cover and a calm and mature glance at the camera on the Limited A, and while I would have preferred some other kind of theme I have to admit that I’m starting to like how all of the covers look since it’s a distinct look that we don’t see every day.

The release date is set for 9/7.

Amazon Page For C-ute’s 17th Single – Regular

Amazon Page For C-ute’s 17th Single – Limited A

Amazon Page For C-ute’s 17th Single – Limited B




7 responses

5 08 2011

It appears that the title is “Sekai Ichi Happy na Onna no Ko” That’s ‘na,’ not ‘no.’ Which would make since, because ‘na’ is an adjective marker.

5 08 2011

Thanks for correcting me, the post has just been updated ^_^

5 08 2011

Are their hair wet?
It seems so to me in the Limited covers!
Makes me wonder if there’s gonna be a pool scene in the PV *w*

5 08 2011

Cute! I love the limited A cover! They all look GORGEOUS!

6 08 2011

is this their new style for cover ?
I’m immpresive o.o

6 08 2011

I LOVE the first cover, (and all the rest.) I’m not a very big fan of C-ute. WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THIS FONT??? THis is like my fvorite font in the world!!!

18 08 2011
Dave Nakky

I like the font, too. lol
僕は°C-ute が大好きです。

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