Buono! – “Natsu DAKARA!” Event V Cover And Tracklist Released

5 08 2011

1. Natsu DAKARA! (Image scene Ver.)
2. Natsu DAKARA!  (1 shot Tsugunaga Momoko Ver.)
3. Natsu DAKARA! (1 shot Natsuyaki Miyabi Ver.)
4. Natsu DAKARA! (1 shot Suzuki Airi Ver.)

The cover and tracklist for the Event V of Buono!’s 12th single titled Natsu DAKARA! have been released.

The cover for the Event V is kind of different from the single’s covers, but has it’s similarities which are the girl’s poses (mostly Momoko and Miyabi which are the same, Airi having a different and almost weird one) and the text and Buono! logo in blue boxes, the only difference being the plain white background that seems really boring compared to the beautiful background of the other covers.

Apart from the cover, the tracklist is really interesting since this time, they decided to have 1 shots for each member which is somewhat better than the close-ups since we’ll get to see the PV in each girl wearing her 2 outfits (unlike the close-up version), so hopefully this will make many fans want to purchase a copy since it’s a nice addition instead of the close-ups.

Overall, I think this is a great release for all Buono! fans since the tracklist is a little different from the usual close-up Ver. we get to see and it’s complimented by a nice cover.

The release date is set for 8/9.

H!P official page about product




2 responses

6 08 2011

Airi’s pose cool :D

7 08 2011

A little funny yeah :P But still cute! ^^ Go Go Airii~n! ♥

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