Buono! – “Partenza” CM Released

4 08 2011

A 30 second promotional commercial for Buono!’s first mini-album titled Partenza has been released.

As some might already know, when commercials for albums or mini-albums are released they usually feature scenes of the songs in the album that had a music video, and this is no exception since the CM features hots from the 3 songs that have a PV available and were released as a single which are Zassou no Uta, JUICY HE@RT and Natsu Dakara!

The CM starts off with the 3 songs in order, first of all with a preview of Zassou no Uta’s “Live at the garage” version since it’s different from the usual PV, followed by a very small preview of JUICY HE@RT where they are sitting on the boat, and finally showing off the 2 versions of Natsu Dakara! which means we get to see the girls both in the white outfits and the jeans ones.

I have to say that I really like what they did, even though it’s what is always done for mini-albums and albums, but specially in Buono!’s case, it seems as if they showed Buono!’s ability to change their image and their style of songs which is what the mini-album is all about, so hopefully this will intreegue many fans into purchasing a copy of the album.

Overall, I really like the whole concept of this mini-album and I’m still hoping for some previews of the other songs soon.

The release date is set for 8/10.

Video uploaded by: pnkn12r




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5 08 2011

I like it :)

7 08 2011


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