Bekimasu – “Makeruna Wasshoi!” Large Cover Released

4 08 2011

A larger cover of Bekimasu’s “Makeruna Wasshoi” has been released.

This isn’t one of H!P’s best covers but what I do like about it is everyone’s expressions and outfits. They all look beautiful and there’s no uniform that distinguishes them from one another and their outfits aren’t too flashy so it fits the song’s message. Since the song was made to support the victims of the earthquake/tsunami having them dress like everday girls almost says “we’re with you.”

Their smiles on the cover also has an uplifting feel to it and it looks like they were having fun with the making of this cover and hopefully that message of happiness gets through to everyone.

Overall the cover isn’t that bad and I hope that the cover doesn’t persuade fans not to buy the CD.

Hopefully all who attend the concerts can purchase a copy since it’s a very exclusive item and a very special one too.

As a reminder, it will be available for purchase at H!P 2011 Summer Concerts on 8/6 – 8/7, and  8/13- 8/14.

S/mileage info page




2 responses

4 08 2011

This reminds me clearly of the cover for the fourth Morning Musume Album ^^;;;.

5 08 2011

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