Buono! – “Partenza” CM Released

4 08 2011

A 30 second promotional commercial for Buono!’s first mini-album titled Partenza has been released.

As some might already know, when commercials for albums or mini-albums are released they usually feature scenes of the songs in the album that had a music video, and this is no exception since the CM features hots from the 3 songs that have a PV available and were released as a single which are Zassou no Uta, JUICY HE@RT and Natsu Dakara!

The CM starts off with the 3 songs in order, first of all with a preview of Zassou no Uta’s “Live at the garage” version since it’s different from the usual PV, followed by a very small preview of JUICY HE@RT where they are sitting on the boat, and finally showing off the 2 versions of Natsu Dakara! which means we get to see the girls both in the white outfits and the jeans ones.

I have to say that I really like what they did, even though it’s what is always done for mini-albums and albums, but specially in Buono!’s case, it seems as if they showed Buono!’s ability to change their image and their style of songs which is what the mini-album is all about, so hopefully this will intreegue many fans into purchasing a copy of the album.

Overall, I really like the whole concept of this mini-album and I’m still hoping for some previews of the other songs soon.

The release date is set for 8/10.

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New Profile Pictures For Buono!’s 1st Mini-Album “Partenza”

4 08 2011

Buono!’s profile pictures on H!P’s official site and on UFA’s official site have been updated with their outfits for their 1st mini-album titled Partenza.

Since we already got a preview of the outfits featured on the cover of the mini-album, as well as the group profile picture from magazine scans and such, the outfits aren’t a surprise, but it’s still nice to see that they seem to have gone for the more rock-ish outfits as profile pictures (since there are 2 different outfits in the cover: classy and white ones which might represent the old Buono! with those black rock outfits in the front maybe representing the new Buono!).

Since we can’t click and enlarge the member’s profiles on H!P’s site, the individual shots are taken from UFA’s page for Buono! so they are smaller than usual and there is only one picture, but we can still see each member’s overall look and outfit:

Momoko has the darkest outfit with a black top that’s complimented with suspenders and a long silver necklace with some silver bangles on her arm, and even though her hairtsyle isn’t much different, it’s nice to see that they gave her a somewhat edgy look with a high sided ponytail held by a red and black piece of fabric that adds a nice touch to her outfit.

Miyabi has the lightest outfit of the 3 girls since she is wearing a white sleevless vest with underneath a man-styled shirt which is grey with a big white collar and a black top underneath, but the main focus seems to be her upper body, specially her hair since it’s short and curled with a big piece of red, black and yellow fabric that’s twisted to form a bow, and I have to say that I really like how she looks since they took advantage of her hair color to give her the lightest colors.

Airi is wearing mostly gray so she’s in-between Momo and Miya (probably because she’s center in the group profile picture), and she is wearing a nice white top with a skull on it, along with a gray leather jacket on top of it, and her accessories seem to be consisting of a long silver necklace, some silver bracelets on her arm, and on top of all, a white and purple piece of fabric that seems tied in her hair in some kind of way (I thought it was an earring at first…).

Overall, all of the girls look really astonishing since this style always suits them, and they managed to add a special extra to each of the members to make them stand out as well as a united thing which is the piece of fabric that each one is wearing in a different kind of way.

Hopefully more previews of the mini-album will be out since this is set to be an awesome release

The release date is set for 8/10.

H!P official Buono! profile

UFA official Buono! profile

Bekimasu – “Makeruna Wasshoi!” Large Cover Released

4 08 2011

A larger cover of Bekimasu’s “Makeruna Wasshoi” has been released.

This isn’t one of H!P’s best covers but what I do like about it is everyone’s expressions and outfits. They all look beautiful and there’s no uniform that distinguishes them from one another and their outfits aren’t too flashy so it fits the song’s message. Since the song was made to support the victims of the earthquake/tsunami having them dress like everday girls almost says “we’re with you.”

Their smiles on the cover also has an uplifting feel to it and it looks like they were having fun with the making of this cover and hopefully that message of happiness gets through to everyone.

Overall the cover isn’t that bad and I hope that the cover doesn’t persuade fans not to buy the CD.

Hopefully all who attend the concerts can purchase a copy since it’s a very exclusive item and a very special one too.

As a reminder, it will be available for purchase at H!P 2011 Summer Concerts on 8/6 – 8/7, and  8/13- 8/14.

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