Sayashi Riho 1st Solo DVD Titled “Sayashi Riho ~Greeting~”

3 08 2011

Sayashi Riho’s 1st solo DVD is titled Sayashi Riho ~Greeting~ and its cover has been released.

I have to say that I’m particularly happy with the title of her first solo DVD since for first solo releases, the PBs usually are named after the idol’s full name while the DVDs have her first name only or a cute nickname, but in Riho’s case, she follows the rule for the PB’s title but not for the DVD since instead we get a very nice title that is somewhat ressemblant to the other 9th generation members e-Hello! releases.

Since the title is somewhat similar to the other Kyuukie’s e-Hello! that all had the word Greeting in them, it’s nice to see that they made Riho follow the same pattern since they will all have a similar release as their first solo release instead of Riho having a very special title that sets her apart from her friends since she already is the first one to have a solo PB while the others don’t have yet but should follow soon.

As for the DVD cover, it’s really small since it has been released on H!P’s site, but we can clearly see it since it’s only a big and bright picture of Riho similing in a very adorable and cute way while wearing a red and white top and holding her hair back in a ponytail, and even though it might seem simple, I’m really impressed by this picture since it shows Riho’s natural charm and beauty, and the greenery alongside the sunshine in the background really make this cover eye-catching and attractive.

Some might not notice it at first (I didn’t either), but the title is written on the left of Riho’s picture in vertical and in soft pink, and since it’s really light pink and the font isn’t too daring, we can’t clearly see it but it seems to be written in a very soft and curvy font that adds a nice touch to the cover, along with her name on the left bottom of the cover also in pink.

Overall, I’m really impressed with how this cover looks since Riho is really a natural beauty and made this cover simply amazing, and I’m glad that they went for this kind of soft smiling close-up shots matched with a nice font for the DVD’s name.

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy soon since I’m sure it will be a memorable release for all of her fans.

The release date is set for 8/31.

H!P page about product




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