New Profile Pictures For Morning Musume’s “Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo!” Released

3 08 2011

The official H!P page has updated the site with new profile pictures for Morning Musume’s 47th single titled Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo! / Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai.

The group profile pic was released a while ago but it’s great that we finally get to see the new individual pics since they give us a chance to check out the outfits for each member in better detail, and for the most part I am very impressed with how they look, even though they might have some kind of a resemblance to other past outfits, such as The Peace! or Onna ni Sachi Are (although gold colored outfits are nothing new since all groups have used them at some time or another).

The post is long so please check it out after the break!

Ai-chan’s outfit stands out from the rest since it’s the only one to feature gold colored chains from her top to the elegant chain link accessory that she has on her hips, and while it might seems like it might cause some problems when dancing it seems like it’s the perfect accessory for the leader in her last single (although she will probably not have it in performances).

Apart from that the gold colored tiara and the gold bands plus the many other accessories give her a really cool look, and since she is among the few members to have a short skirt it really makes her stand out in a good way.

Gaki has a more mature look compared to the past few releases since her hairstyle has changed from her usual short cut to a style that fits the outfit perfectly, and with the tiara and the many small chains in her top it really complements well.

Her skirt is a bit different from the other members since it seems to combine the mini skirt that Ai-chan has with the skirt that the Kyuukies are wearing, making the outfit really fit her body well since it gives it a mature look with a cute style at the bottom.

Sayu has her usual hairstyle although it fits well with the outfit since the two gold bands on her arms along with the large gold accessory around her neck (which looks slightly a bit excessive) really make her stand out. Her skirt is similar to Ai-chans since it’s a bit shorter than anyone else, but the gold colored band at the top give her a unique look.

Reina is among the few members that usually has a bow, and this single is no exception since she has quite a big gold bow that grabs the attention of anyone, and along with her slightly futuristic looking skirt and the gold ribbon across her shoulder and hip she is definitely has the most unique look of the members since she is the only one to have these accessories.

Apart from those distinctive accessories she also has another unique accessory that only Ai-chan has (at least I think she does): the platform heels, which might be a bit hard to dance in although they look great.

The two profile pictures for Aika look exactly alike and that’s due to her cast on her foot, so while there might not be that much change it is still a relief since we can see her outfit completely although not her heels (which she most likely doesn’t have). Apart from that she has a large arm warmer type accessory as well as a golden headband, large earrings and a cute skirt with a button in the front which only she has, which look perfect on her.

All of the Kyuukies have the same skirt with a golden band but they all have different tops, with Mizuki’s having a few chains at the top, and with a cute flower accessory it really makes her stand out since she looks really pretty (almost like royalty).

Erina has gotten used to the camera in the past few releases and I’m glad to see that she has since her poses have improved a lot, but that aside her outfit looks really good on her with two bands on her arms and a headband which might look a bit simple although it looks really good on her.

Riho has a similar hairstyle as Gaki (obviously with longer hair) but it really suits her since it complements the outfit well, although the accessory around her shoulders seems a bit too futuristic (like Reina’s skirt).

Kanon stands out from the rest of the Kyuukies mostly because of her top, which seems to reach her skirt although it has a large opening in her stomach area that doesn’t look as good as the other members since she seems to be the only member that is covered almost completely. Despite that the hairstyle looks perfect on her and with the many gold bracelets it gives her a unique look.

Overall the members all look amazing since they have a similar theme: gold colored outfits, with many small differences that make each of them different in their own way. I didn’t like a few of the accessories such as Reina’s futuristic skirt, Kanon’s top covering everything except a triangle shaped area on her stomach, or the gold band around Sayu’s shoulders, but other than that I loved each outfit.

These are most likely just the outfits for Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo! so there will probably be another set of outfits for the other a-side, although we will have to wait and find out since they might decide to only use one outfit for this release (not likely but possible).

I look forward to finding out how the outfits will look in the PV since they have a distinctive look to them so hopefully we get a preview sometime soon so we can see for ourselves.

The release date is set for 9/14.

Official H!P Profile Page For Morning Musume




10 responses

3 08 2011

I love the outfits!! Aika’s is my favorite by far! I’m so excited to see her looking so pretty!! <3 <3
Ai looks awesome too! I like the song as well! At first Iw asn't sure, but it grew on me really quickly!! <3
I can't wait to hear the other A-Side!!

4 08 2011

Ai-chan looks phenomenal~ I’m so glad they gave her something nice for her last single.
Also, I believe they all have platforms (except for Aika). Reina and Ai-chan’s are just a bit thicker.

4 08 2011

Looking at the outfits indovidually, I really think they should put each girl in the PV on a round gold platform where we could see all of the outfit when they sing xD
it doesn’t have to be this way but at least be something original since those outfits need to be shown!

4 08 2011

Ai-chan’s outfit = H!P Queen. Erina looks really good, I remember reading somewhere that she use to model, something about doing really good poses and that really shows in her face.

4 08 2011

I love the outfits,especially Ai-chan’s!xD I’m so happy to see Aika in this cute outfit,I think this is her best hairstyle.:3

4 08 2011

Everyone looks amazing! By far, Aika stands out the most with her outfit! She really suits this look and they’re finding the right hairstyles for her! FINALLY! She looks a bit like a really cute warrior!

Eripon’s outfit is awesome too! >3< And I had a feeling that Kanon would be covered up xD

4 08 2011

i can’t stop staring at ai-chan, sayu and aika.. Especially aika.. Her outfit and her hair are awesome.. <3

4 08 2011

Ai is just so beautiful! That outfit looks amazing on her :)

Aika is so cute and pretty all at the same time. Her photo is by far one of the best :) I am curious though as to what shoes she’ll wearing in the PV.

Mizuki is pretty as always and looks like a princess :)

Erina is one of my top favorite members out of MM and I think her photos are great! So model-like.

I’m not particularly fond of Zukki’s outfit but I do think it makes her look more mature and that is a good thing :)

4 08 2011

My thoughts on each of the outfits

Ai chans- fit for a queen. You can really tell she’s the leader by the outfit she’s wearing. Very mature and sexy.
Gaki – Very mature and alot more conservative than Ai’s. It gives her a motherly feel over everyone else.
Sayumi – Very pretty. The necklace is a nice touch.
Reina – Cute outfit, but I’m not feeling the miss universe band.
Aika – Best outfit and hair by far. She looks absolutely stunning. I love the arm band.
Fuku – looks like an egyptian princess. Georgous!
Erina – She’s really learning how to pose! She looks very proffesional!
Riho – Amazing and flawless picture. Didn’t expect any less from her.
Kanon – Very cute. I can see that they don’t know how to dress her because she’s far to cute for this concept. however, the outfit is perfect for a 12 year old girl! You can really tell she’s the youngest by the outfit.

16 08 2011

I’m having spasm due to the prettiness of their images

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