Morning Musume – “Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo!” Full Radio Preview Released

3 08 2011

A full radio preview for one of the two a-sides of Morning Musume’s 47th single titled Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatteurn da yo! has been released.

We heard a concert preview a few weeks ago so hearing a clear radio rip of the song is perfect since we can check out how the recorded version will sound, and I’m glad to see that for the most part the song sounds even better than the concert preview since the beat is catchy with a distinct funky style during a few lines.

The distinct style seems to stand out more during the lines but the chorus has a different style since it seems to focus more on the cute and upbeat sound, but apart from the instrumental the members all sound perfect, especially during the chorus which has a cute and distinctive Momusu styled sound to it.

For now I’m not exactly sure what members have solo lines but I am sure that Reina and Ai have the “Love & Peace” lines after the chorus and that Gaki has a really important line after a few lines from each of the members, but I also think I heard Sayu a few times as well as Riho (once the PV is released we will know for sure).

This song is flawless since the style ranges from the funky instrumental during the start of the song as well as the cute and upbeat ballad-ish sound during the chorus so I’m really happy once I heard it since it’s really catchy. I don’t really care that much about solo lines since in the end every member did sing, but I hope that there were a few lines from Mizuki, Kanon, and Erina I didn’t catch.

For now this single sounds perfect but we still have another song to look forward to, so it will be interesting to see just what Tsunku thought of. The song will most likely be taken down really soon so please check it out before that happens, but I will update with any other previews I find.

The release date is set for 9/14.

Video uploaded by: mike4sun



11 responses

4 08 2011

It’s like a mix of genki & mature… It’s hard to explain but as of right now I haven’t caught onto it yet…

4 08 2011

In the instrumental part it sounds a bit like berryz koubou’s new single!! the violins play the same way and everything just its at a lower pitch….

4 08 2011

ahhh!!! sooo good!!!!
one of their best singles in a while!! :)
better than only you and maji desu ka ska!
soo good and sooo catchy!
thank gosh im buying this single!!

4 08 2011

I’m not sold yet… I don’t think I like this as Ai’s last single :/ it’s not “epic” enough!

4 08 2011

This is the perfect single for Ai-chan to graduate with and even if it’s not your favorite song you should buy it cause its her last

4 08 2011

don’t forget there’s still her solo song and that other a-side song, I’m sure her solo song will be more WOW.

4 08 2011

its good. Though i can’t belive how so many people are bashing this single..**

4 08 2011
Roddy Reta

Love it. A throwback to the old Momusu sound. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

4 08 2011

the people of are not making any sense. They are saying basically calling takahashi is a bitch :p i can’t believe it. Well, thank god overseas sales don’t matter much on the oricon.
This song is genius and i really hope it will be at the top of the oricon chart! :) It really deserves it.

4 08 2011

I like this better than “Only You” for sure. But it’s not too impressive to me. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song. But I hope the other A-side is better than this for Ai’s last single.

And I still don’t hear even 1 solo line for Mizuki, Eripon, and Zukki!

5 08 2011

aku sangat sukaaaaaa!!!!! i love mm

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