C-ute – “Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko” Group Profile Picture Released

3 08 2011

The group profile picture for C-ute’s 17th single titled Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko has been released.

As you might have noticed, those outfits seem to be alternative outfits for the colorful ones we got to see a while back in Nakky’s blog and in some of their performances, but I have to say that I’m really happy to see that they will have 2 different outfits since most of the time when there are 2 or more outfits, the one used in the artist profile pictures are the one used on the covers (just like Kiss Me Aishiteru), which makes me hope for really great covers.

The outfits overall look somewhat like pyjamas, but this is most probably due to the fact that they are white and that the girls are posing against a white background. The outfits are all from the same color but with differences for each member just like Berryz Koubou’s pink dresses.

We’ll have to wait for individual profile pictures to check out the differences for each member, but for now, I have to say that I really like how all of the girls look since the picture is fresh and pure thanks to the amount of white in it and to the girl’s peaceful expression, and it seems that Chisato lightened her hair a little more and is sorting a new funky hairstyle, Nakky seems to have cut her hair a little bit while Maimi’s hair is growing out again and Maimai is sorting a pigtail look that really suits her since she’s really standing out along with Airi’s great smile and pose.

Overall, I’m really happy and excited about this single since the profile picture is really impressive and all of the girls are looking relaxed and stunning.

Hopefully the individual profile pictures will be out soon!

The release date is set for 9/7.




6 responses

3 08 2011

They all have brown hair! What happened? I don’t mind it, I’m just a bit shocked is all.
Other than that though, I’m really excited to hear the song.

3 08 2011

Only Chisa and Maimai have brown hair (even though Chisa’s lighter than Maimai’s).
It’s the lightning that gives that effect so don’t worry ^^ There are plenty of blog pictures that you can check out and see Airi, Maimi and Nakky are still black-heads xD

3 08 2011

I’m not so sure. I have a pretty good eye for this stuff. Maimi’s hair was brown in her “Foggy Doll” thing, and to me it looks like her Nakky, Airi, and Mai all have the same hair color…
I guess we’ll just see when the MV/PV comes out

3 08 2011

Maimi certainely wore a wig for her “a foggy doll” DVD because she stated so, I can provide you with some pictures of the girls how they are now so that you can see for yourself if you’d like ^^

3 08 2011

Haha no worries, I’ll take your word for it. I guess it’s just the lighting in the photo or something. Thanks though!

3 08 2011

the outfits looks like Berryz’s “Aa Yoru ga Akeru” outfits.. just different color.. XD

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