Berryz Koubou “Single V Clips 5” DVD Cover Released

3 08 2011

The DVD cover for Berryz Koubou’s Single V Clips 5 has been released.

Like most Single V Clips releases, the covers usually feature a shot of the members wearing the outfits of their most recent single which in this case is Aa, Yo ga Akeru, and despite the cover being a bit too simple it’s still looks amazing.

Most of you might think it looks familiar and that’s most likely because it is since it’s basically a slightly different version of the regular cover for the single, although most of the members are in the same position and the image is taken farther away to fill the front, and while they might have used the exact same scene with little difference between the regular cover it is still a great way to reference the single.

Regular cover of Aa, Yo ga Akeru

The cover looks amazing since the extra space at the top makes the title blend in well (it could have looked better a bit lower), and while only Miya, Chii, and Risako seem to have changed poses it’s still a great way to reference the single since fans can check out the scene from a slightly different angle.

For now we don’t have a complete tracklist but we will most likely get it during the next week, but we know for sure that all of the PVs released after their 4th Single V Clips DVD will be included, although I look forward to finding what alternate versions of which PVs we will also see.

Hopefully everyone reserved a copy since this is a must have for any fans interested in owning a copy of each PV from Otakebi Boy to Aa, Yo ga Akeru.

The release date is set for 8/17.

Official H!P Page For Berryz Koubou’s DVD




3 responses

3 08 2011

Wow it looks really elegant and the angle is fantastic!
I hope it sells well since for now, nothing is bad about this release (we’ll have to wait for the tracklist now) ^_^

3 08 2011

I’m loving this cover. Your eyes don’t immediately go to any one girl. Though the single takes a step back in terms of line distribution, the screen time was reasonably fair, so I’m not too upset.

3 08 2011

Beautiful cover! :)

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