S/mileage – “Limited Live ~S/mile Factory” DVD Cover Released

2 08 2011

The DVD cover for S/mileage’s Limited Live ~S/mile Factory~ concert has been released.

The cover is really impressive since it follows a similar colorful theme that the S/mile Factory Show DVD cover has, but this one is way more attractive and eye-catching thanks to all of the effects added and the great montage work.

The top of the cover is mostly separate images of all of the girls while dancing to Uchouten LOVE most probably since they are in the outfits of the single and they are each doing a different move from the dance of the song, and the images all fade away at their bottom to reveal a sea of yellow stars where the title of the concert is in red and white covered by big parantheses, and even though the colors clash a little compared to the colorful neon cover, it still looks good since it’s not too big.

On the other hand, the big red circle with the title S/mile Factory on it is kind of disturbing since it’s in the middle of the bottom of the cover and ruins the image of the girls by being so big and so red, but still, we can see the amazing montage of images of the girls standing before microphones while singing in their colored flower-outfits, and a nice touch is the crowd that’s pictured on the bottom (mostly covered by another sea of yellow stars), and the colored lasers that seem to come towards the big logo.

Overall, I think they did a great job matching the colors of the members in this cover in an impressive montage where we get to see them either all dancing on the top, or all singing in the big image at the bottom, and this is one of the best covers for a concert I have seen so far (even though it’d still look better without the flashing red of the logo and title…).

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy to enjoy this special live that S/mileage held!

The release date is set for 8/24.

Amazon.jp page about product




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