Goto Maki – “G-Emotion FINAL” Official Website Opened

2 08 2011

An official website for Goto Maki’s pre-hiatus last concert titled G-Emotion FINAL has been opened.

It’s really great to see that an official site for Gomaki’s last pre-hiatus concert has been opened since it’s a great way for fans or for those attending to check out the latest news and the details concerning this memorable concert.

The site features 5 sections in total: news, ticket, goods, from staff and faq, and until now only the ticket section is updated with information concerning the date, the show hours, the ticket’s price, etc… and even though no other section is available now, it’s great to see that they at least put up the basic information for anyone who plans on attending.

The site’s header is also really nice since it features the evolution of Maki’s career as a soloist with pictures of her in different phases, starting from her debuts on the right coming down to her now on the left which is a very nice touch to remind everyone that this is how far she has come. Also, as an addition, the previews for her last single are also featured on the right along with a link to her official website.

Hopefully everyone attending will find this site useful as a reference to know all of the latest news and updates regarding this concert, and I encourage everyone who can attend to do so since it will definitely be a memorable farewell concert.

The concert will take place on 12/4.

G-Emotion FINAL Official Webiste




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