Berryz Koubou – “Aa, Yo ga Akeru!” PV Released

2 08 2011

The full PV for Berryz Koubou’s 27th single titled Aa, Yo ga Akeru! has been released.

The start of the PV reminded me somewhat of Buono!’s JUICY HE@RT thanks to the castle that looks similar to the one used in Buono!’s PV for this song (except that this one looks fancier), and also a little bit of Kimagure Princess because of the font and the way the text appears which I really like since it fits with the overall classy and elegant theme the PV has.

As some have said, the PV looks like if they tried to execute the idea of a princess waiting for her prince since in the many scenes where each girl is sitting alone, we get to see her wait and look a little sad and impatient, waiting for something or someone, and this concept is really nicely executed thanks to the many scenes and rooms the girls are in that are all sobre and elegant.

The main scenes of the PV are: the scene where the girls are sitting all together on the stairs of the mansion singing the chorus, the dance shot vers where the girls are dancing in a big theater room with a small stage of red curtains behind them; the very close-up version of each girl where we get to see them really shine and the other version that seems to be the main one where the girls do various acts and expressions while sitting each in a different room of the palace that was featured in the beginning (i.e: Rii is in a room with a fireplace, Momoko is in a bedroom, Chinami is walking downstairs at the beginning while Miyabi is featured getting out of a glass door at the end…).

Even though Maasa, Captain and Chii appear a lot less than Risako or Miyabi, I think that they did an amazing job adding special things to all of them like Captain who is the only one standing in the stairs, Chii who is walking downstairs at the beginning and gets some screentime, or Maasa who is in a special room with a mirror looking at herself, which all combine to make the PV really beautiful since they’re not completely transparent.

Overall, I really think this is one of Berryz’s best PV this year since it’s original and is different from the very usual close-up and dance-shot only PVs, and all of the girls look stunning through the whole video which has a very unique concept and a story.

Hopefully everyone who didn’t like the single can change their mind after watching the PV and reserve a copy to support Berryz Koubou!

The release date is set for 8/10.

The video might not be up for long but whenever another video is available, the post will be updated:

Video uploaded by: berryzchannel



18 responses

2 08 2011

It’s the same castle that Buono! used for the PV of MY BOY ;)

2 08 2011

Wow, this PV is gorgeous!

2 08 2011

Pretty, but more of the same. I keep waiting for Captain, Maasa, and Chinami to get sick of not getting any lines and quit like Erika and Kanna did.

2 08 2011

Is that why they quit? Wow…

2 08 2011

I’m pretty sure that’s not why Erika and Kanna quit :/
More so Kanna.

2 08 2011

I don’t know for sure, of course, but could you blame them if it was?

2 08 2011

i liked miyabi’s hair better when it was down. :(

2 08 2011

:/ I like Yurinas voice but sometimes it resembles a dry leaf being stepped on :/ saki would have been better would her voice would have fit this song great.

2 08 2011

Risako is so beautiful! ♥_♥

2 08 2011

gosh *_*

All members look so beautiful! I love especially the close-ups and the dresses .. and the setting/location.

2 08 2011

that link was taken down =[ but i managed to find this ine

3 08 2011

Thank you for providing the link :)

3 08 2011
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3 08 2011

I’m actually getting super sick of the same members getting all of the lines. I REALLY wish Chinami and Captain got more lines. Risako’s voice is nice and everything, but I’m getting kind of sick of her…

3 08 2011

This music video is one of my favourites of all Hello! Project music videos. I am sad that single V isn´t coming, but I try my best to buying the single ^o^

4 08 2011

For me, it is really ok to have 4 lead singers because in reality Berryz koubou is not that popular unlike Morning Musume. So every PV/Single is their “1st” single for new fans. It must be tactical and more on advertising the members so for the 3 members I know it is harsh but this is the reality of entertainment industry.

5 08 2011

I hate that thing risako does with her lips to”try” to make her look sexy… It gets on my nerves the more I see it! And my beautiful maasa is shoved to the side once again….. :(

7 08 2011

With every new song and PV release Risako is sounding worse and worse! Like a cold that wont quit! She sounds terrible in this, I am FROM Japan, Fluent in Japanese and English(mom is English, dad is japanese) and I could barely understand a word Risako said, I had to listen to it multiple times, she slurs everything and she sounds awful, even more so live, Tsunku needs a reality check. Besides that EVERYONE looked STUNNING in this video, especially Miyabi and Captain. I love the part where Maasa is looking at herself in the mirror, it makes it seem like shes saying “am i good enough”. and its so emotional, also, another part worth mentioning, the very beginning with Chinami walking down the stairs…i was stunned, she looked so so so gorgeous. But, I will NOT be surprised when Chinami, Maasa, and Captain get fed up with being in the back behind Nasal Nose Risako. It makes me angry, and dont get me wrong, I love Risako just as much as any other member, but she needs to learn her place, or more so, TSUNKU needs to learn her place. But anywho, this is a masterpeice, one of their best works or art. I LOVE IT 10 out of 10 stars for the music video and 9 out of 10 for the song! SUGOI NEEEEEE <3

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