Shuukan Yoro! Vol 102

29 07 2011

Summary: Here’s a summary of what this week’s Shuukan Yoro post contains:

  • Site News: Progress of updates
  • Polls: Okai Chisato came in 1st with 39%, Natsuyaki Miyabi came in 2nd with 37%, and Tsugunaga Momoko came in 3rd with 25%
  • H!P Single of the Week

Check out the full post after the break!

Site News: I wanted to briefly mention the progress I have made with the updates since so far most of you might have noticed that I haven’t released any pages for the Discography page, and there’s a reason for that: I have a tendency to work on a large amount of stuff at the same time.

What does this mean? Basically when I was working on the site this week I was working on about 10 pages for the Discography section while making new updated member icons for the H!P Profile section and looking for updated photos for each member profiles, so right now progress is being made but I haven’t had a chance to finish them completely since I’m working on so much at the same time, and since I also worked on all 10 pages at the same time the Discography section hasn’t changed.

I planned originally on working on them one at a time but mainly due to that tendency I find it easier to divide the Discography pages into sections and complete the sections first. I also tend to prefer to edit in HTML instead of using the visual editor for WordPress, which means that work is done a bit slower since I have to check to make sure the code works although I prefer it since it gives me more control about how to fix the layout and also because the table code I use is easier to change in HTML, so for now the “covers” through the “tracklists” are done for most of the new pages  which just leaves the song credits, TV performances, lyrics, sources, and new graphics to add.

I plan on finishing the pages up by Monday or by mid-next week at the latest, but sorry to everyone who wanted to see the new pages. I wanted to release the new pages one by one but eventually I lump all the work together since I tend to lean towards updating once instead of having to update the same page many times each hour (that’s one of the reasons why I sometimes also work on 3 posts at the same time), but I’ll have them up for sure soon since all of the work I’ve been doing is nearly all complete (if I had to use numbers I would say the Discography section is 78% done, the icons are 55% done, and the updated pictures are about 90% done).

I didn’t mention the new icons last week but they look many times better than the current ones I’m using since instead of simply being small blocks of pictures they have some effects that really make them stand out, and while I don’t plan on updating the icons until about a month or so I will update with a preview once the time is right.

Again, sorry for the apparent lack of updates but I can assure they are being worked on, but please look forward to the pages!

Polls: The winner for this poll was Okai Chisato with 438 votes (39%), congratulations Chisa! Natsuyaki Miyabi came in second with 411 votes (37%), and Tsugunaga Momoko came in third with 276 votes (25%).

There was a total of 1,125 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Chisa!

From the start the polls seemed like they would be really interesting to follow and I’m glad to see that they were since each day the totals between Chisa and Miyabi were really close, and while in the end Chisa won this poll it’s great to see that Miya got a really close 27 vote difference since it gives the poll more of a balanced and competitive look since the results looked like they could easily change each day.

I expected to see Momo a bit higher on the vote totals, but it seems that Miya and Chisa took most of the spotlight since Momo only got a fourth of the votes. It’s great to see that Miya got such a high total since she and Miya have risen to be one of the most competitive members, and while Momo didn’t get as high a total as them I wish her the best of luck for her next appearance, but for now congratulations to Chisa!

This week was also the end of this month’s OG poll, and I’m happy to see that there were many fans who voted since it gave us a chance to see the results for five OG members, so briefly here are the results:

The winner for this month’s OG poll was Kusumi Koharu with 427 votes (33%), congratulations Koha! Yoshizawa Hitomi came in second with 326 votes (26%), Yaguchi Mari came in third with 203 votes (16%), Tsuji Nozomi came in fourth with 189 votes (15%), Ishikawa Rika came in fifth with 131 votes (10%).

There was a total of 1,276 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Koha!

It seems that Koha had some of an advantage since most of the fans who visit the blog might not remember Yaguchi, Tsuji or Rika since they graduated about 5-6 years ago (as mentioned in the comments for the poll) and for the most part that might be true since Koha graduated most recently, followed by Yossie who got 2nd, so there seems to be a pattern.

It might also be due to Koha’s very unique and energetic personality since everyone who has heard her or seen her perform will remember her (with a positive or negative reaction but you’ll remember her for sure) and you either loved or hated they way she acted (for me I loved her energy, although her voice was always a bit too high).

Apart from Koha and Yossie, Yaguchi also did a pretty good job of getting 3rd place, most likely because of the news of her marriage which made her the spotlight for many weeks, and while Tsuji and Rika didn’t get quite as large totals they did pretty good for a poll featuring five members.

So congratulations again to Koha, and good luck to Yossie, Yaguchi, Tsuji, and Rika on their next polls!

As stated before the poll will be done once a month for two weeks, so the next OG poll will be in about two weeks, after which the OG member of the month will be replaced by the winner of that poll, and so on. I’ll try out this pattern to see how it works out but I might also try a regular three member poll in the future like the regular H!P poll, but it depends on the feedback I recieve.

The next poll will feature Maasa, Kumai and Risako, and it will be interesting to see how this Berryz poll turns out since the new Berryz PV might help persuade some fans to vote for a member but for the most part I expect to see a really close result once the poll is over since every member seems to have a really good chance of winning.

How will the poll end? That will be something everyone will have to wait and see until next week, so if you haven’t voted please vote for your favorite!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the H!P poll HERE.

Please vote!

H!P Single of the Week: A quick progress report about the status for the Shuukan Yoro section, I have recently found many Hello! Pro Time subbed videos so I plan on starting with those once the section starts, but I plan on having all of the videos uploaded and ready for when the section starts since I want to make sure that I have the videos ready in time. This means that I will probably start showing off the shows in about a month or so since I plan on starting them with a large update for the site.

For now I have about 6 Hello! Pro Time subbed shows, the Mecha Mecha specials, and about a dozen or so Utaban shows ready to process, so it’s just a matter of dividing them up and uploading them. I’ll update soon with more info about how I’m going to show them and how long it would take to go through an episode once I find out, but for now please check out this week’s H!P single:

Video uploaded by: smileagechannel

And a special bonus single since it’s been a while since I’ve heard this song:

Video uploaded by: morningmusumechannel




3 responses

30 07 2011

The folks at have subbed a lot of MC’s, HPT episodes as well as other tv-shows involving H!P artists lately
They are still looking for folks to join them (timers, editors, translators)

Check them out at and if anyone wants to help them sub, by all means do!

30 07 2011

Congrats to Chisa \^^/

31 07 2011

ikuta erina cut her hair!!! it looks very good :) maybe even better than before?

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