Mitsui Aika and Sayashi Riho Have Been Advised To Rest For A Few Weeks

29 07 2011

According to the official H!P site, after her checkup Mitsui Aika has been advised by doctors to rest for 8 weeks. Sayashi Riho was also told to rest 6 weeks due to ischium nerve pain on her right side.

They will both miss the rest of the Hello! Project 2011 Summer tour.

As always injuries are one of the main concerns for fans and while both Mitsui and Riho will miss the rest of the tour it’s good to see that they will follow the doctors orders and rest to heal their injuries since their health is the top priority.

Mitsui’s left ankle bone fracture seems to need a bit more rest before healing, and while she did appear at events and concerts and sat down during the performances it seems that it’s for the best for her to miss the the remainder of the H!P tour to make sure her injury heals well.

Riho’s injuries are a bit more sever than I thought since I had the idea that she had only suffered a minor sprain, but it seems that she has ischium nerve pain, which according to Wikipedia is a fairly common lower hip bone injury caused by sudden movements during some sports although in this case it was due to the many hours of dancing that members need to due during performances.

Despite the reason for the injury, I wish both Mitsui and Riho a complete and fast recovery and hopefully after the 6 and 8 weeks they are both well healed and in perfect shape to perform once again.

Mitsui will need to rest 8 weeks and Riho will need to rest 6 weeks.

Official H!P Site




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29 07 2011

I originally thought Riho just sprained her ankle but looks like it was something else. It sucks that they’ll both miss the tour and I wonder how this will affect things for the album and single. Whatever happens I hope they rest up before going back to work.

29 07 2011

Wow, between these two and AKB’s Itano Tomomi and Fujie Reina, idols are getting injured left and right these days.

Let’s take a moment and appreciate all the effort idols of all groups put into their performances. These girls always push themselves so much.

Hope they all get better soon!

29 07 2011
YeYo Asami


29 07 2011

They will be back for sure before Ai’s last performance ^_^
Riho would come back on the 9th and Mitsui on the 23rd, so they will have a few performances to enjoy alongside Ai-chan since Ai-chan’s last performance is on the 30th.

29 07 2011

Riho too?
I hope they get better!

29 07 2011

I hope they’ll get better soon, in 8 and 6 weeks.
Do you know which concert/event will be affected ?
I really hope they will be able to rest, but that they could have fun with the group too.

Get well soon Aika & Riho !

29 07 2011

For now it’s only the H!P summer concert and possibly their stage play they have planned for October, but so far I’m not sure if this will affect the fall tour as well.
They will probably make it in time for Ai-chan’s last performance since Riho would come back on the 9th of September and Mitsui on the 23rd, so hopefully they can come back completely recovered.

29 07 2011

i just hope aika didnt defect cuz as i know her fracture bad one

29 07 2011

I wouldn’t worry about that since Aika usually recovers well from her injuries ^_^
Most likely the rest is just to make sure that she’s in perfect condition to dance in the fall concert tour.

29 07 2011

aww poor aika and riho :(
i hope they get better!!
hopefully, they’ve already filmed the pv for their new singles because than this would get complicated!!
I’m pretty sure they can still do vocals for album though since they’re not really standing a long time/dancing alot for it :P it’s just a studio

29 07 2011

I wish them both a super speedy recovery! But with Aika, I think all of her fans should get together and send her bubble wrap so she can wrap herself in it and stop getting hurt!

(also, I know my blog isn’t an H!P one but I added you to my blogroll. C=)

29 07 2011

Poor girls. :/ I hope they recover ASAP. I guess Aika was really pushing hereself since she’s been injured for quite a while. I didn’t even know Riho’s injury was that bad.
Awhhh, they won’t even get any solos in the summer concert. :( I really hope they already fimed the PVs.
Curious to see how the girls will perform without them, though.

29 07 2011
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29 07 2011
Aaron Bagley

Something always happens to my favorites. First Nakky now Aika and Riho but I hope my two favorites will make a great recovery.

1 09 2011
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