“Dance of Vampire” Featuring Takahashi Ai’s Official Site Opened

29 07 2011

An official site for the musical starring Takahashi Ai titled Dance of Vampire has been opened.

The site features the main informations to know about the musical, such as the actor’s names and the character they are playing (in Ai-chan’s case, she plays the role of Sara), a full schedule for the months of November and December, a short paragraph that resumes the story as well as a map to find your way to the theater and reference phone numbers and e-mails,etc…

The site really caught my attention since we finally get to see Ai-chan as her caracter Sara, wearing what seems to be like everyone else’s uniform of a white dress with a red chale, and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed seeing her like this since this sets us in the beginning of her career after Momusu.

Her role is one of the main roles as stated before, and she is set to perform almost all of the time judging by the schedule on the page, so hopefully everyone in Japan in November or December can attend a performance one of the nights to catch Ai-chan and enjoy this musical that seems really impressive.

The musical will take place from 11/27 until 12/24.

Dance of Vampire official site




One response

29 07 2011

one of the guys (in-between the maid(?) and the really big vampire) sort of
looks like Teruki from An Cafe lol

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