S/mileage Invited To Perform At FNS “Uta no Summer Matsuri 2011”

28 07 2011

According to the media page on the H!P site and on their official site, S/mileage will make an appearance at FNS Uta no Summer Matsuri 2011.

Apart from that appearance S/mileage will also perform on Happy Music in early August.

As most of you might remember the FNS Uta no Summer Matsuri 2011 is an event that Dream Morning Musume will also attend where about 50 groups will perform, such as AKB48, SMAP, KARA, EXILE, miwa, among others, and while the official site for the event hasn’t listed their name yet it seems like this will be a great opportunity for S/mileage to show off their new single to the many fans who will attend the show.

They have quite a lot of appearances planned and I’m happy to see that apart from the FNS event they will also appear on Happy Music since it seems like the perfect way to make sure their single sells well, and with the performance airing on the same day as the event their first week of promotion for the single will be pretty strong.

Hopefully fans who are in the area can go to the event to help support S/mileage, and while there are many other groups it will be fun to see how the song is received by those attending the event.

The FNS Uta no Summer Matsuri 2011 is set for 8/6 from 19:00 ~23:10 and the Happy Music performance is set for 8/5 at 24:58 ~ 25:53.

Official H!P S/mileage Media Page

S/mileage Official Site




2 responses

29 07 2011

They gonna meat KARA!! Lucky them :)

29 07 2011

Awesome! It’s always nice to hear about H!P groups making appearances at some bigger events, since it doesn’t happen too often! :)

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