S/mileage – “Jitensha Chiririn” Full Radio Preview Released

27 07 2011

A full radio preview for S/mileage’s 6th single’s B-side for the Limited Editions titled Jitensha Chiririn (Bicycle Chiririn) has been released.

When the song first started, I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic since it starts off with an amazing music from the child’s music boxes that’s really soothing and calming, and this small instrumental introduction really amazed me since they managed to put something unique into the song with keeping after that a very soft yet nice instrumental all along.

The song is a very calm and soft ballad, and even though the music becomes a bit stronger after the music box instrumental at 0:21, it’s still stated as “calm”, but I have to say that I’m absolutely not disappointed at all since the girls really seem to improve day by day, and this is by far one of by favorite S/mileage songs (not only B-sides).

The lyrics seem to be very fairly reparted between the girls and I’m impressed with how well every girl seems to ace her part since they gave Kanon and Saki a nice Jitensha Chiririn at the end of every chorus which they both did perfectly, and Dawa got to sing the same at the end of the song when the instrumental is really slow and calm, and to my surprise, she did pretty well even though it seems like a hard song because of the low-key tone.

Overall, I have to say that I got immerged in the sensitivity and soothing effect of this song and highly recommend everyone to hear it since it’d be a waste not to.

Hopefully if anyone hasn’t maded his mind yet about buying the single will be encouraged by purchasing a copy since the B-side complements perfectly the main song by the contrasts and this is one of the best S/mileage songs in my opinion and proves that they can do all kind of music.

The release date is set for 8/3.

Video uploaded by: 23isi83




5 responses

27 07 2011

I just started crying. Oh my goodness. This song just made me think back on the start of S/mileage, and their official debut, and everything omg.
4-nin S/mileage will always hold a special place in my heart, nothing will ever compare to it.

27 07 2011

This is a really different b-side for them. I like it a lot, but I had to double to check because I couldn’t believe this was their first slower b-side! :o
It’s not really sad or anything, just slower. I like how each girl got a nice chunk of lines all at once. (Maybe it’s so the new members will get lines in this song when they sing it live…?)

27 07 2011

So cute! I love this song so much! <3
I really really love it!

28 07 2011

if I had more money on my itunes card I would buy it…. I wonder what the a-side sounds like, if it’s good i might think about trying to order it.

28 07 2011

the A-side is their new single ‘Unchoten LOVE’ they already post the MV, you can see it on youtube.

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