Tsunku To Appear on “J-POP Seishun no ’80”

26 07 2011

According to his blog, Tsunku will make an appearance and perform on NHK’s J-POP Seishun no ’80.

He will perform songs from Morning Musume, Sharan Q, as well as a few others.

Tsunku might have a busy schedule with the S/mileage audition, Momusu’s audition, his TsunTube show as well as a lot more, but it’s great to see that Tsunku still makes appearances on shows to perform since he is after all a talented singer and with the promise of seeing him perform songs from many groups it seems like fans are in for a great show.

The names of the songs he will perform haven’t been released but we will probably see him perform some of the most popular songs, although it will be interesting to see if he performs any new songs from Momusu. Along with songs from Momusu and his group Sharan Q we will see other songs, but he doesn’t mention from what groups so we will have to wait and see.

Hopefully everyone who can checks out the performance.

The appearance is schedules for 8/25 from 20:00 ~ 20:58.

Tsunku Blog

J-POP Seishun no ’80 Site




One response

26 07 2011

Hope he sings Zurui Onna (he has to right?)

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