Takahashi Ai Last Solo DVD And PB Announced

26 07 2011

Takahashi Ai’s 6th DVD, 13th PB and lasts, both currently untitled, have been announced.

I really expected the 12th album as well as the Alo! Hello 5 since it seems that UFA wants to take advantage of Ai-chan’s last days within Morning Musume but I really didn’t see the DVD and PB announcement coming since it seems that the time is really short with all of the releases Momusu have to handle now and until September, but I’m not complaining since all Ai-chan fans deserve a last solo release from hers to enjoy.

Not many details are out except from the fact that the DVD and PB were shot in Los Angeles, but the nice mention is the Blu-ray announcement that will be released almost a month later since this allows fans who want to directly buy the Blu-ray to be certain of it’s release and they can pre-order it from now.

I really expect something amazing from this last release from Ai-chan since all of her PBs (specially her latest one) was filled with amazing pictures and original shots of her in various outfits and places, and since it’s her last releases, we might get a self-made bonus such as a message for fans or something similar.

Hopefully all of Ai-chan fans can look forward to this release and pre-order a copy as soon as possible!

The release date for the DVD is set for 9/21.

The release date for the Blu-ray is set for 10/13.

The PB’s release date is somewhere in September.

Neowing page about DVD

Neowing page about Blu-ray




6 responses

26 07 2011

Yay! More Aibutt!

26 07 2011

Woww!!! Ai is going to be busy for the next month or so!!
Morning musume’s 47th single pv shooting
Morning musume’s 47th single side b pv shooting
Her solo song in the Limited B side pv shooting
Alo Hello!
Her photobook and dvd
Morning Musume’s 12th album
Morning Musume’s Ai believe concert

omgosh.. :p
please make sure to get plenty of rest Ai chan!

26 07 2011

Last!! NOOOO!!!!!!

Man this gaduation is going to be difficult to deal with

26 07 2011

You know that getting a graduation PB and DVD is kind of tradition, right?

And if she stays doing anything remotely idol related there’s still a chance she’ll get more. And having 12th be her last isn’t too shabby, I must say.

27 07 2011

But…why would this be her last PB D= I’m sure it’s not, I mean Rika-chan still releases PVs, lots of them do D=

27 07 2011

Her last releases within Morning Musume.
If she goes on a solo career and releases stuff later on, it’s another case :)

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