Morning Musume – “Alo! Hello 5” DVD And PB Announced

26 07 2011

A 5th Alo! Hello DVD and PB release for Morning Musume titled Alo! Hello 5 has been announced.

As many might already know, Momusu are currently in Hawaii for a FC Tour there, and it seemed that many have already guessed that a new Alo! Hello release will take place due to their trip there, and thankfully it is the case since this is just like the 12th album, Ai-chan’s last and specially the Kyuukie’s first.

I’m more interested to see how the Kyuukies will find ways to entertain the viewers of the DVD since the past Alo! Hello was kind of plain, but with 4 energetic and fresh young girls, this will definitely be a very entertaining release that many will want to have.

Riho is at the moment the only 9th generation member with a PB coming up, and even though all of the members already released a e-Hello! DVD and we know what they’re capable of, it’ll be very interesting to see them pose on the beach or in different shops and places because, hopefully in a few years, we’ll get to compare what they were like in their first PB together.

Overall, I’m really excited about this release and I wish that every single Kyuukie, Ai-chan, and overall Momusu fan can provide themselves with a copy of either the DVD or the PB, or both!

The release date for the DVD is 9/28 and the PB will be released somewhere in September.

SonyMusicShop page about DVD




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26 07 2011

*goes to find some money*

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