Buono’s “Partenza” Promotional Photos Revealed

26 07 2011

A new promotional picture for Buono’s mini album, “Partenza” has been released.

This picture features the outfits that were used on the front cover but was pushed slightly to the back. It’s a bit more clear than the album cover and this outfit compared to the other one gives off a more mellow-mature type theme. Miya’s hair with the bandana makes her look a bit more older than her age. I like both outfits but my favorite would have to be the other outfits, which look more youthful.

There’s also a promotional going on with HMV and Lawson, if you pre-order a copy of Buono’s album with them buyers receive a special promotional photo of Buono. So far however only HMV has a preview of the promotional photo.

There’s no preview of the Lawson photo yet, however many might have already seen the Lawson outfits from the Hello Channel 5. It’s the blue and white striped outfits that Sayumi, Risako and Mai were in so we have a pretty good idea of what the Lawson promotional photo will be like.

Hopefully all fans can support Buono and reserve a copy.

The mini album is set to release on 8/10.

Lawson Preorder

HMV Preorder

 Rockstar Magazine Preview




2 responses

27 07 2011

About the LAWSON uniform, Buono! already wore them during the Zassou no Uta Promotion.

4 08 2011

So true!

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