S/mileage’s 7th Single Announced, Titled “Tachiagaaru”

25 07 2011

S/mileage’s 7th single and the first to feature the new member(s) has been announced and it will be title Tachiagaaru.

The single will be released in 6 editions: Regular (CD), Limited A (CD+DVD), Limited B (CD+DVD), Limited C (CD+DVD), Limited D (CD+DVD), Limited E (Reduced Price/Content Unknown), and the Single V will follow one week later.

I’m really surprised to see this announcement so soon since we got a lot of information concerning the single just with the announcement of it being released (title, editions, members participating…) and I must say that I’m really happy about this since it shows that UFA are planning to really take advantage of the auditions and of S/mileage’s growing popularity and media attention.

A nice mention is about the title of the song that seems to be a play on words that Sohee @ JPLOP jusged being: Tachiagare (Stand up!) and GAARU (Girl(s)), which seems pretty logical if we look at it since it’s written in Katakana and I have to say that I’m yet very pleased by S/mileage’s song title since they never seem to disappoint us in coming up with an original and unique sounding title that’s very catchy and cute to fit their image.

The most surprising definitely is the number of editions that the single will have since it will include a new “Limited E” that S/mileage never had released before, and this special release is at the price of 500 Yen which is quite intreeguing since it’s very cheap and it’s got me wondering what it will include.

It seems that the picked member(s) will have to have natural talent and ability to compensate the stress that will be generated in this short period of time!

Overall, I have to say that this is one of the most awaited releases from S/mileage to me since it has many surprises and very nice touches everywhere, from the title to the editions and from the fact that it’ll be with the new member(s).

Hopefully everyone who wants to support S/mileage can reserve a copy or wait a little longer until more information about the Limted Editions and specially the Limited E are out, but for now this seems like a very solid release and hopefully we’ll see if yet again the Limited Edition will have different B-sides or not.

The release date is set for 9/28.

The Single V will be out on 10/12.

Amazon.jp page about Regular Edition

Amazon.jp page about Limited A Edition

Amazon.jp page about Limited B Edition

Amazon.jp page about Limited C Edition

Amazon.jp page about Limited D Edition

Amazon.jp page about Limited E Edition

Amazon.jp page about Single V

EDIT: The list below isn’t the official schedule for the new members, it’s a fan made estimate about the amount of work the new member(s) will most likely do based on the announcement dates and the start of the concert tour. This list isn’t official, and shouldn’t be taken word for word.

8/14 announcement, handing out of songs, lyrics, etc
8/15 recording
8/16~19 dance lesson
8/20 pv shoot
8/21~9/8 concert rehearsal/media recordings (performances, TV, etc)
9/9 genepro (rehearsal at the concert hall)
9/10 concert tour starts

Credit: Sohee




18 responses

25 07 2011

Somehow, the title makes me think of Berryz’s “Happy Stand Up!”. XD I’m sure this will be a great release for S/mileage!

25 07 2011

I don’t know if it can also be translated as “Hold on!” but in both cases it has almost the same meaning ^^

25 07 2011

The 500yen edition might be like Momoiro Clover’s latest releases. Just the song, no coupling or instrumental.

25 07 2011

I know nothing about Momoiro Clover but if you say so, it might be the case and it’ll be one clever thing to do!
I hope they’ll add info on the shopping sites soon I’m really excited!

26 07 2011

You should check out Momoclo if you can, their music is very accessible to H!P fans.

25 07 2011

Somehow, the title makes me think of… Yaguchi Mari XD
I imagine her pronouncing it like she pronounces “orange juice” in one of Ayaka’s lessons.
Anyways, I’m really excited about this, can’t wait to see the new member/members!

25 07 2011

wait so are the new members going to be in this single

25 07 2011

Yes it’ll be their first single within S/mileage ^^

25 07 2011

I am very excited to find out who the new members will be and what this single will sound like :)

25 07 2011

Already? Wow, can’t wait > . <

25 07 2011

Now, I’m flattered you use my information. But please could you make it a bit more clear that that schedule is nowhere close to being official. It’s simply me thinking logically about it and while it makes sense to me and all, it’s not official. ^^;

25 07 2011

Sure, I just edited the post to make it very clear that the estimate you posted isn’t official ^_^;;;
Although if you prefer I could simply remove the info so that fans don’t get the wrong idea that it’s the schedule.

25 07 2011

To be honest, this announcement saddens me, because, well, there is no more 4-nin S/mileage with this single approaching.
But nonetheless, as a devoted S/mileage fan, I will look forward to it.

25 07 2011
Hello hello hello singing

It’s weird to see everyone so happy and hyped about this now when tons of people were unhappy and against (I wasn’t) the audition when it was first announced saying it would ruin s/mileage.

26 07 2011

lmaoo i know what you mean
it’s actually ironic
when s/mileage announced auditions, people freaked out saying that this was the worst thing that could happen to s/mileage
but i guess after getting used to the idea and seeing the possible additions to the group through their lives that people are really starting to like the possible new girls and what they can bring to the group.

Personally, I’ve always been excited about these new girls because i absolutely love auditions! I’m really excited about this new single and how things are going to change because of them!
I hope this S/mileage single does really well!!

26 07 2011
Happy summer wedding

Ikr? As soon a a berryz, cute or another audition is announced people are gonna react negatively but then love it In the end.

26 07 2011

In the end we’re gonna have to accept it because there’s really nothing we can do to stop it. I think fans just act negatively because they haven’t seen the potential of the new members and because they’ll miss “how things use to be”.

I don’t mind more members in C-ute but I think Berryz should stay as 7 for now since they have that 777 thing going on. Maybe next year they can do 8 years and 8 members.

26 07 2011
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